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New York Post - Weird News

  • nieuwPorzingis All-Star replacement wants to make it on his own next time
    LOS ANGELES — Kemba Walker didn’t want his second All-Star appearance to come this way. But he’ll take it. Now the native New Yorker just hopes to be in Charlotte next February as host when the All-Star Game is held there. Widespread reports ha…
    - 1 min ago 19 Feb 18, 8:22am -
  • nieuwNow Trump is going after Oprah
    President Trump slammed TV legend Oprah Winfrey on Sunday night as “insecure” saying he hopes for the opportunity to “defeat” the billionaire businesswoman at the ballot box. “Just watched a very insecure Oprah Winfrey, who at one point I k…
    - 42 mins ago 19 Feb 18, 7:41am -
  • nieuwNewly discovered bones may be remains of infamous pirate
    YARMOUTH, Mass. — Researchers are set to discuss their efforts to determine whether human bones recovered from a Cape Cod shipwreck are those of the infamous pirate Samuel “Black Sam” Bellamy. The Whydah Pirate Museum in Yarmouth, Massachusetts…
    - 59 mins ago 19 Feb 18, 7:24am -
  • nieuwItalian-Americans want to make Columbus statue a landmark
    A coalition of Italian-American groups are trying to thwart Mayor de Blasio’s bid to alter the Christopher Columbus statue at Columbus Circle by asking a city commission landmark it. Last month, Hizzoner said the statue would soon be joined by hist…
    - 1 hour ago 19 Feb 18, 7:01am -
  • nieuwPhil Mickelson would love if this relentless grind pays off soon
    PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. — This has to be wearing on Phil Mickelson. He won’t show it or cop to it because his entire being is predicated on relentless positivity, but how many more golf tournaments is he going to put himself in contention to wi…
    - 1 hour ago 19 Feb 18, 6:54am -
  • nieuwInternet rips Fergie over bizarre All-Star Game performance
    O say, can’t she sing. Twitter users tore into Fergie on Sunday night after she kicked off the NBA All-Star game with a “slow” and “strange” performance of the national anthem. Some even went so far as to call it the “worst rendition ever…
    - 2 hours ago 19 Feb 18, 6:27am -
  • nieuwSuperfan lived to love the New York City sports scene
    If you were a sports fan in this town — a real one, a legit one — you knew who Donald “Fuzzy” Cohen was, of course. Chances are you actually knew Fuzzy, too, because if there was a game, any game really, Fuzzy was probably there and impossibl…
    - 2 hours ago 19 Feb 18, 6:25am -
  • nieuwSheriff visits boy shot while shielding classmates in school massacre
    The sheriff of Broward County, Florida — where last week’s deadly school massacre took place — paid a visit to a 15-year-old boy on Sunday who was shot five times while attempting to protect his classmates. “Fortunately, he is recovering, but…
    - 2 hours ago 19 Feb 18, 6:06am -
  • nieuwThree schools that ensured success by ignoring angry fans
    It’s as much of a March tradition as Bracketology, office pools and star players being asked if they’re going to make the jump to the NBA. Unhappy fan bases want change. A few losing seasons create outrage, and the belief a firing can lead to NCA…
    - 3 hours ago 19 Feb 18, 5:44am -
  • nieuwLeBron James rules revamped NBA All-Star Game
    LOS ANGELES — The new format that scrapped East vs. West for Team LeBron vs. Team Stephen worked in big way. It raised the level of intensity, defense and winning spirit. And naturally it raised LeBron James to another level as he wound up as hero…
    - 3 hours ago 19 Feb 18, 5:43am -

NBC News

NBC New York

  • Olympian Brianna Decker's Recurring Dinosaur Nightmare
    We've all had that nightmare of being chased, and Olympian Brianna Decker is no different, although her nightmare has a Jurassic twist.
    - 2 days ago 17 Feb 18, 6:18am -
  • Oregon Woman Pulls Parasitic Worms From Eye
    An Oregon woman is believed to be the first human to ever contract a rare eye worm parasite usually found in cattle. KGW's Katherine Cook reports.
    - 2 days ago 17 Feb 18, 4:29am -
  • The Stache Heard Round the World
    Norway’s Robert Johansson may have gotten the bronze medal in the ski jump, but his mustache takes home the gold. Johannson said he started growing it two years ago and it has treated him well ever...
    - 8 days ago 11 Feb 18, 4:05pm -
  • 1M Lethal Doses of Fentanyl Found Stuffed in Fish, Chili
    A million lethal doses of fentanyl worth up to $10 million were found wrapped inside fish in the back of a car as police conducted surveillance on a man in the Bronx during a drug trafficking investigation...Photo Credit: Office of Special Narcotics…
    - 9 days ago 10 Feb 18, 1:28am -
  • Is This the Worst Bed Bug Infestation Ever?
    A New Jersey house may be home to one of the worst bed bug infestations ever seen. Pest control found thousands of the tiny bloodsuckers all over the house and it took three months to get rid of them all.
    - 9 days ago 9 Feb 18, 11:47pm -
  • Libraries: A Surprising New Home for Bed Bugs
    It may surprise you to learn that libraries have become a hotspot for picking up bed bugs. So as you turn the pages on the latest teen vampire novel, there may be an actual bloodsucker living inside.
    - 9 days ago 9 Feb 18, 11:44pm -
  • Colossal 213 Pound Bagel Breaks World Record in NYC
    Two Brooklyn businesses made history on Friday, creating the largest bagel and lox bagel in the world.
    - 9 days ago 9 Feb 18, 11:43pm -
  • K-Pop Quiz: Olympians Guess If Groups Names Are Real or Fake
    South Korea has a long history of producing and promoting hugely successful boy band and girl band pop acts known as “K-Pop.” We put the Olympians from Team USA to the test to see if they can...
    - 9 days ago 9 Feb 18, 10:33pm -
  • Eagles Fan Thought She Missed Super Bowl After Surgery
    Haley Parks thought she missed watching the Philadelphia Eagles play against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl after waking up from surgery to get her wisdom teeth removed.
    - 17 days ago 2 Feb 18, 4:02am -
  • Philly vs. Boston Accents
    Water. Yard. Bagel. Car. Although the two cities heading into the Super Bowl this weekend are geographically close to one another, you’d never know it from the different ways they pronounce these
    - 18 days ago 1 Feb 18, 3:29pm -


SFGate Weird News

  • nieuwOsas que resultaron quemadas regresan a su hábitat
    GOLETA, California, EE.UU. (AP) — Dos osas que resultaron gravemente quemadas durante los incendios forestales en el sur de California regresaron a su hogar en la naturaleza.La cadena de televisión KABC de Los Ángeles reportó que unas fotograf…
    - 12 hours ago 18 Feb 18, 8:41pm -
  • nieuwWashington snipped here? College says it found prez's hair
    SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (AP) — Tucked in the pages of a grimy, leather-bound almanac in the archives at New York's Union College was a tiny envelope with the hand-scrawled words "Washington's hair."A librarian who had been cataloging old books gingerly…
    - 14 hours ago 18 Feb 18, 6:32pm -
  • nieuwEl vestido de novia de Meghan Markle es “top secret”
    LONDRES (AP) — ¿Dónde se puede comprar un vestido de novia que será la prenda el año? ¿Un atuendo lo suficientemente elegante para una novia que le gusta estar a la moda pero adecuado para una iglesia tan majestuosa que es donde reposan los re…
    - 18 hours ago 18 Feb 18, 2:01pm -
  • Pacific cruise liner brawl sends guests fleeing to cabins
    MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — A South Pacific cruise was interrupted by brawls apparently caused by a 23-member family who threw punches at other passengers, some of whom said they locked themselves in cabins to escape three days of violence.The Car…
    - 1 day ago 18 Feb 18, 6:13am -
  • German police rescue men tangled up with mannequin, toy car
    BERLIN (AP) — Police in western Germany have freed two men who became entangled with a mannequin and a large, remote controlled car.Officers were called after cries were heard from an apartment in the city of Mainz in the early hours of Saturday.…
    - 2 days ago 17 Feb 18, 3:23pm -
  • San Francisco firefighters rescue 2 dogs from cliff
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — It's usually cats in trees that need a firefighter's help but not Friday, when two dogs were rescued by San Francisco firefighters after sliding halfway down a cliff.San Francisco Fire Department spokesman Lt. Jonathan Baxter…
    - 2 days ago 17 Feb 18, 12:16am -
  • Is Maryland ready to rid 'Northern scum' from state song?
    ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland lawmakers who support changing the official state song think the time is right to finally wipe away "Northern scum" and other sensitive pre-Civil War phrases."Maryland, My Maryland," set to the traditional seasonal t…
    - 3 days ago 16 Feb 18, 7:26pm -
  • Dozen day care workers say parent's cookies made them high
    BANGOR, Maine (AP) — The director of a Maine day care says cookies dropped off by a parent as a Valentine's Day treat left about dozen staff members feeling high.Police were called to the Watch Me Shine day care in Bangor on Wednesday and seized t…
    - 3 days ago 16 Feb 18, 7:17pm -
  • 'Unseen' museum exhibit to depict glow-in-the-dark creatures
    NEW YORK (AP) — Feel as though you're in the dark when it comes to the underwater world?New York's American Museum of Natural History is working on just the solution: a floor-to-ceiling installation depicting creatures that glow.Photographers got…
    - 3 days ago 16 Feb 18, 2:14pm -
  • Huge sinkhole on Rome street swallows half-dozen cars
    ROME (AP) — Prosecutors have opened an investigation into a 10-meter (30-foot) -wide sinkhole that swallowed up a half-dozen cars on a residential street in Rome.No one was injured in Wednesday evening's collapse in the Balduina neighborhood, but…
    - 3 days ago 15 Feb 18, 8:25pm -

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