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  • nieuwTHE ISLAND
    Chasing swell around the world is an integral part of Roby's life. And although it is very rewarding it is not always that easy. At the beginning of November I got a whattsup from Roby that said: "Africa is calling". Well, let's go to Morocco. It was…
    - 12 hours ago 23 Jun 18, 3:02pm -
  • nieuwA Letter to Congress
    I originally set out to make this film as a homage to Wallace Stegner and the enduring words he wrote in his famous 'Wilderness Letter' to Congress in 1960. His poetic appeal for robust and comprehensive conservation efforts of America’s wild lands…
    - 14 hours ago 23 Jun 18, 1:15pm -
  • Skull Fracture or 'Aren't you rather young to be writing your memoirs?'
    Official selection DOC NYC 2017. Montclair Film Festival 2018. Etc. Best Documentary Short 2018 nomination by The Danish Film AcademyCast: Mads Hedegaard
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 9:56pm -
  • Soulmates
    Recently because of working as a full-time employee, I didn't have this chance to make highly-detailed CG artworks(except the Warrior dog ) and I just had a couple of hours per day right after arriving home! This video is a compilation of all the vid…
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 8:48pm -
  • Night Shift
    Olly Jeffries is an on-again, off-again actor. His long-time gig as a bathroom attendant on this one night, forces Olly to face a reality he’s not yet ready to embrace.Cast: Marshall Tyler, Moira Griffin, Sam Restivo and Eric BrancoTags: Music
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 6:54pm -
  • A Bolt of Lightning // Reanimation! Science Stories about Frankenstein EP1
    EPISODE 1 of Reanimation! Science Stories about Frankenstein. What have we learned from science's most infamous doctor-patient relationship? A seven part series created by seven animation teams and twelve scientists, writers, engineers, physicists an…
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
    Bree, a dishonest 9-year-old receives a terrifying visitor after a parenting lesson goes horribly wrong. Company Website: thebokehcollective.com Film Website: kookiefilm.com Director's Website: justinhardingfilmmaker.com WRITER/DIRECTOR/EDITOR: Justi…
    - 2 days ago 22 Jun 18, 2:00pm -
  • Oyinda - Serpentine (Canteen Killa Remix)
    Directed by Pussykrew CGI by Pussykrew oyinda.comhybrid-universe-emulation.net/Cast: pussykrew
    - 2 days ago 21 Jun 18, 10:59pm -
  • Erodium Thunk
    "I'm looking for interaction between things that originally didn't have any." - Winston Hacking from CBC Arts cbc.ca/arts/exhibitionists/winston-hacking-s-collages-turn-old-ads-into-psychedelic-fever-dreams-1.4681512 The film was made specifically fo…
    - 2 days ago 21 Jun 18, 7:29pm -
  • The Backseat
    Familial tensions are on full display when two octogenarians are tasked with driving their adult daughter to work. Directed by Joe Stankus and Ashley Connorjoestankus.comashleyconnor.net Starring: Joan Paul Fred Paul Andrea Stankus as themselves Mor…
    - 2 days ago 21 Jun 18, 5:49pm -

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College Humor - Video's

  • nieuwABC CEO: No More Racist Shows
    America has spoken, and it wants TV that's more divisive than ever.
    - 9 hours ago 23 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • Hot Date: Your Friend Who Just Got Back from Traveling Abroad
    Emily just got back from Tokyo, and the enlightenment is blinding.Sponsored by Captain Morgan. Summer #LikeACaptain.
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 6:19pm -
  • Can You Throw Our Ball Back?
    Can you throw our ball back, Katie? Well? Can you? CAN YOU? HUH KATIE?
    - 2 days ago 21 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • The Guy Who Won't Call In Sick
    Brennan is not gonna let the TINIEST bit of Leprosy stop him from coming in and pitching 3-4 comedy sketches.
    - 4 days ago 19 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • Sex Daddies Celebrate Father's Day
    Raph was trying to help Rekha, Grant, and Ally choose gifts for Father's Day, but he just ends up learning all about Daddy's Day.
    - 7 days ago 16 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • Minute Mixer Challenge: Sand Sculpture
    Sponsored by Captain Morgan. Summer #LikeACaptain. 
    - 8 days ago 15 Jun 18, 4:20pm -
  • CollegeHumor's Favorite Classic Videos
    The Cast chooses their favorite sketches from the old days of CollegeHumor, or as commenters call it, "WHEN U GUYS USED TO BE ACTUALLY FUNNY!" 
    - 9 days ago 14 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • When Your Date's Apartment Sucks
    Brennan can't wait to spend the night with his lovely girlfriend. Though it would be nice if he didn't have to fight all those coyotes that guard the door because they've "claimed" the building as their own.
    - 11 days ago 12 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • Minute Mixer Challenge: Scuba
    Sponsored by Captain Morgan. Summer #LikeACaptain. 
    - 12 days ago 11 Jun 18, 4:41pm -
  • I Wish I Were Gay
    Raph and Katie tell Ally about how they wish they were gay! Well, just for the casual sex part. Not all the suffering, and harassment, and targeted violence, and there being parts of the country that it's literally unsafe to go to. But hook-ups,…
    - 14 days ago 9 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • Minute Mixer Challenge: Limbo
    Sponsored by Captain Morgan. Summer #LikeACaptain. 
    - 16 days ago 7 Jun 18, 10:30pm -
  • Have Sex with Josh for Me
    Katie doesn't want to have sex with Josh, because she is in a happy relationship and also, like, no way! But if somebody could have sex with Josh, that would be pretty cool.
    - 16 days ago 7 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • Slide Into the DMs: The Gameshow!
    Slide Into the DMs is the only gameshow where we absolutely cannot show you the grand prize!
    - 18 days ago 5 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • Women Should Be SO Embarrassed!
    Chompsky's has invented a whole slew of reasons for women to be embarrassed - AND the exact products that'll fix it! What a coincidence!
    - 21 days ago 2 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
  • You're Not Edgy, You're Just Lazy
    I don't pay taxes because I'm a REVOLUTIONARY and will TEAR THIS SYSTEM DOWN! Not because I'm, like, some lazy guy or somethin'.
    - 23 days ago 31 May 18, 5:30pm -
  • Dating Tips from Couples
    Dating problems? Well, as someone in a happy relationship who has no clue what you're talking about, I feel PRETTY comfortable giving you advice.
    - 24 days ago 31 May 18, 2:23pm -
  • CollegeHumor's Favorite Guest Stars
    The CH cast and crew highlight their favorite guest star moments on set.
    - 29 days ago 25 May 18, 5:30pm -
  • Honest Road Trip
    Sponsored by NHTSA
    - 30 days ago 24 May 18, 6:50pm -
  • 5 Tips on Cooking for One
    Grant is here to give you 5 helpful tips on making the most of your extremely solitary meals!
    - 32 days ago 22 May 18, 5:00pm -
  • You Deserve a Nobel Prize
    Because it's the least they could do. Literally. It's pretty much the actual, mathematical, least.
    - 35 days ago 19 May 18, 5:30pm -

Smosh - Video's

  • THE WORST DAY AT DISNEY WORLD (First Time Story Time)
    Noah tells the story of his first time at Disney World in Orlando and runs into a man who is having the WORST. DAY. EVER.The post THE WORST DAY AT DISNEY WORLD (First Time Story Time) appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 17 days ago 6 Jun 18, 9:34pm -
  • SHAQ FU (Honest Game Trailers)
    From the era of dial-up, jnco jeans, and Sisqó, comes one of the worst fighting games of all time. This is Shaq Fu!The post SHAQ FU (Honest Game Trailers) appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 18 days ago 5 Jun 18, 9:51pm -
    It’s the 2 Truths 1 Lie Challenge! The game of truths, lies, and fully-loaded squirt guns! This time it’s Olivia vs Keith, and things get messy!The post OLIVIA UNFRIENDS KEITH – 2 TRUTHS 1 LIE appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 18 days ago 5 Jun 18, 5:48pm -
    On Maricraft we journey into the dungeon, use lava to burn up zombies real good, and a whole lot more adventuring!The post INTO THE NIGHTMARE DUNGEON (Maricraft) appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 22 days ago 1 Jun 18, 9:55pm -
    Graduation – whether it’s moving on from high school to college, wearing those silly robes, and more, this is Every Graduation Ever!The post EVERY GRADUATION EVER appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 22 days ago 1 Jun 18, 9:53pm -
  • FINDING BOZE A NEW FRIEND | State of Decay 2
    We play the new zombie survival game State of Decay 2, and we try not to die while we find Boze a one-armed friend!The post FINDING BOZE A NEW FRIEND | State of Decay 2 appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 22 days ago 1 Jun 18, 6:56pm -
    It’s Board AF and we play Anomia! The head-to-head matching game that will make you yell “PANTS” for no reason!The post MATCH GAME FROM HELL appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 22 days ago 1 Jun 18, 5:13pm -
    Peter Gilroy and Tyler Philips from The Bath Boys join us for another edition of the Try Not To Laugh Challenge!The post TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE #7 w/ THE BATH BOYS appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 23 days ago 31 May 18, 10:02pm -
  • HIGH SCHOOL IN 2008 VS 2018
    Things in high school sure have changed over the last 10 years…The post HIGH SCHOOL IN 2008 VS 2018 appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 24 days ago 30 May 18, 10:05pm -
    Damien and Boze hit the streets to find unsuspecting people to take on the Try Not To Laugh Challenge for Damien’s money!The post TRY NOT TO LAUGH FOR $$$ appeared first on SMOSH.
    - 25 days ago 29 May 18, 10:15pm -

The Awesomer - Video's

  • nieuwThe Size of SpaceX Rockets
    Most of the footage of SpaceX’s rockets are shot from far away, with little to no context to their size. Corridor Crew thought it would be nice to stack them up next to buildings so we can appreciate just how amazing it is that these babies can lan…
    - 11 hours ago 23 Jun 18, 4:00pm -
  • Motorcycle Boy
    (PG-13: Slight nudity) Filmmaker James F. Coton introduces us to three very different members of Japan’s underground motorcycle culture. The clip starts out as a documentary, but transforms into a music video for The Legendary Tigerman in its back…
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 9:45pm -
  • Faking Neon with Paint
    Art Insider introduces us to Perth, Australia-based graffiti artist Straker – known for his ability to replicate the glowing look of neon lights using spray paints. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think his canvases were connected to a hig…
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 8:15pm -
  • Hello Sexy Pants
    “At the clothing store, nobody tells you that the whole world is changing.” Yeah clothing stores, why are you like that? Bill Wurtz sings about sexy pants, sexy lamps, and Congress in his latest smooth and silly pop hit.
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 6:45pm -
  • Marques Brownlee vs. Hot Wings
    YouTube’s premiere tech reviewer Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD talks about his passion for ultimate frisbee, the history behind his boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, getting blocked by Gal Gadot and more while suffering Hot Ones’ hot wings.
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 5:15pm -
  • Making a 2-Stroke Table Lamp
    Colin Furze made a steampunk bedside lamp that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your bed. It’s a lamp that’s powered by a chainsaw engine, which is connected to a generator. It even has a throttle so he can rev up the light.
    - 1 day ago 22 Jun 18, 4:30pm -
  • Diamond Tracker
    (PG-13: Language) Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, but we also know that they have no real value. Extremely Decent parodies Domino’s Pizza Tracker app to reveal exactly what sort of horrible stuff is going on when you order a dia…
    - 2 days ago 22 Jun 18, 1:30pm -
  • Yoshi’s Island: Big Band Cover
    The 8-Bit Big Band presents a fantastically fun and jazzy cover version of the Atlantic Theme from the Nintendo classic Yoshi’s Island. It’s just a small tease of the wonders that lie ahead on their album Press Start.
    - 2 days ago 21 Jun 18, 11:15pm -
  • Anatomy of Goth
    Filmmakers Jordan Hemingway and Alban Adam present an appropriately gritty look at some of the subcultures described as “goth.” The series of vignettes features interviews and imagery of individuals who live on the fringe of what might be conside…
    - 2 days ago 21 Jun 18, 8:15pm -
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste from Scratch
    How to Make Everything went to a dentist and read up on toothbrushes and toothpastes to find out how to make the cleaning items from scratch. Needless to say, the results were nasty. The pig hair toothbrush alone was bad, but the toothpastes…
    - 2 days ago 21 Jun 18, 4:30pm -
  • Learning to Card Spring
    Serial learner Mike Boyd received a challenge from trickster Chris Ramsay. It seems such a simple and non-essential move, but card springing, where you pop out playing cards from one hand to the other in a controlled spray, is actually a very difficu…
    - 2 days ago 21 Jun 18, 3:00pm -
  • Shipping Pallet Dominoes
    (Loud) The guys at UK handling company Exporta Global decided to make some supersize dominoes, placing 1377 individual plastic shipping pallets on their sides, then knocking them all over. This is so what a 9-year-old boy would do if set loose in a f…
    - 3 days ago 20 Jun 18, 11:15pm -
  • And the Moon Stopped
    Artist Arktk Berkut created the mindblowing visuals to accompany Moa Pillar’s track And the Moon Stopped, complementing the dizzying ambient track with a kaleidoscopic journey through a virtual world made up of digitally-manipulated photographs.
    - 3 days ago 20 Jun 18, 9:45pm -
  • When Directors Debut
    Andrew Saladino aka The Royal Ocean Film Society is an aspiring director. He wanted to find out if he’s on track at becoming successful in his chosen career, so he looked at the ages of 750 directors to find out the average age at which they debute…
    - 3 days ago 20 Jun 18, 6:45pm -
  • How Plywood Is Made
    If you’ve ever wondered how trees are turned into plywood sheets, this video will answer your question. Paulownia shows us how a log is shaved into a ribbon of flat, pliable veneer, which is dried, layered, glued, pressed, then trimmed to form stro…
    - 3 days ago 20 Jun 18, 4:30pm -
  • The Baguette Bot
    Maker Becky Stern decided to create something none of us actually need, but is still immensely entertaining – a rolling robot made out of a baguette loaded with a wobbler circuit. It rolls along as you try to catch it, making it nearly impossible t…
    - 4 days ago 20 Jun 18, 1:30pm -
  • M A C R O
    Motion designer Harrison Vincent’s short film features eye-popping close-up imagery inspired by macrophotography, but was created entirely with computer graphics. The breakdown video is just as fascinating. He also provided the Cinema4D source file…
    - 4 days ago 19 Jun 18, 11:15pm -
  • Festo BionicFinWave Robot
    Festo is showing off another one of their amazing bio-inspired creatures. The BionicFinWave takes cues from cuttlefish which use undulating fins to propel themselves through the water. The robot uses soft silicone fins moved by servo motors and lever…
    - 4 days ago 19 Jun 18, 8:15pm -
  • Painting with Joan
    (PG-13) It takes a moment to build, but Jack Henry Robbins‘ sketch eventually goes way off the rails, as Reno 911’s Kerry Kenney gets good and weird as a public television painting instructor. Want more retro craziness? Support the VHYes! project…
    - 4 days ago 19 Jun 18, 5:15pm -
  • Making a Knife from Cardboard
    Kiwami Japan is back with another ridiculously improbable knife construction – an impressively-sharp kitchen blade made from pressed cardboard. We weren’t quite sure what he was up to for the first few minutes and thought we were watching HowtoBa…
    - 4 days ago 19 Jun 18, 4:30pm -
  • World’s Largest Bath Bomb
    Vat19 made a huge version of their Black Abyss Bath Bomb. How huge? Well they claim it’s the world’s largest. With it weighing in at around 2,000lb, we’re inclined to believe them. The huge accessory was more than enough to color an entire swim…
    - 4 days ago 19 Jun 18, 3:00pm -
  • Boston Pizza Bed Tray Pizza Box
    Boston Pizza is changing the pizza delivery game with its invention. It came up with a pizza box that lays flat and has two legs that pop out and lock in place, so you can head straight to bed with your pizza. They recently offered a limited run, but…
    - 5 days ago 19 Jun 18, 1:30pm -
  • Planting and Cooking Yams
    Primitive Technology’s latest relaxing video took him six months to complete. He tried growing yams before, but wild pigs and turkeys would always come and eat them. So he built a large enclosure for the potatoes. After half a year… he had harves…
    - 5 days ago 18 Jun 18, 9:45pm -
  • Six Flags Cyborg Cyber Spin Ride
    Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has a new ride at its Metropolis section. Called the Cyborg Cyber Spin, the ride will make you wonder which side is up with its dizzying three-axis twists and turns. The dude in the middle in the demo video loo…
    - 5 days ago 18 Jun 18, 4:45pm -
  • Toxic Heavy Metal
    Musician Leo Moracchioli hops up some pop with his heavy metal edition of Britney Spears’ 2004 mega-hit Toxic. We have to say that Leo’s angry and edgy arrangement suits the lyrics better than the original.
    - 6 days ago 17 Jun 18, 10:00pm -
  • States of Matter
    Motion designer Peter Tomaszewicz’s animated short film messes with our expectations, transforming what should be solid surfaces into sand, fluids, fabrics, gas, and bendy materials using CGI physics simulations.
    - 6 days ago 17 Jun 18, 8:00pm -
  • The Wormmaker 10,000,000
    (PG-13: Language) The Hydraulic Press Channel upgrades yet another one of their custom-machined tools. The latest version of their holey extrusion tool makes spaghetti out of cheese, ballistic gel, and a never-ending pile of candle wax. The stringy g…
    - 6 days ago 17 Jun 18, 6:00pm -
  • Circular Domino Wall
    Domino master Hevesh5 shows off an impressive structure she built – a cylindrical wall made up about 5,500 individual dominoes. Rows of mini dominoes start the chain reaction which took her 4 days to set up, and less than a minute to come crashing…
    - 6 days ago 17 Jun 18, 4:00pm -
  • The Prevailing Winds
    Adam Butcher proffers up a hefty amount of dread and silence in The Prevailing Winds – a tale of a lone hiker searching for her sister in an isolated area where a deadly wind-borne toxin threatens with the slightest shift of air.
    - 7 days ago 16 Jun 18, 8:00pm -
  • Jet Powered Micro Scooter
    Colin Furze made his son the coolest kid on the block by modifying the kid’s scooter with an electric jet engine. But don’t worry, Furze restrained his inner madman this time. The scooter is just powerful enough to move the kid from a standstill.
    - 8 days ago 15 Jun 18, 11:15pm -


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