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  • Een simpele SEO-strategie voor iedereen: ‘het spinnenweb’
    SEO is meer dan het optimaliseren van een pagina voor een bepaald zoekwoord. SEO ontstijgt losse pagina’s. SEO draait om zoekintentie en autoriteit. Oké, stel. Ik ben vanaf nu eenHet artikel lezenThe post Een simpele SEO-strategie voor iedereen:…
    - 5 days ago 18 Apr 19, 9:38am -
  • Een alternatief voor de traditionele USP: trouw met een idee
    Content marketing draait het veroveren van een associatie in het brein van de lezer. Wanneer met aan X denkt, dan associeert het men direct met Y. Ik zeg sportkleding enHet artikel lezenThe post Een alternatief voor de traditionele USP: trouw met ee…
    - 14 days ago 9 Apr 19, 9:17am -
  • Drie schrijftips voor wakkerschuddende teksten
    Mijn artikelen zwaaien soms, als een dronken man die naar huis fietst, alle kanten op. Er is een gebrek aan focus. Het medicijn is het centreren van een tekst omHet artikel lezenThe post Drie schrijftips voor wakkerschuddende teksten appeared first…
    - 29 days ago 25 Mar 19, 12:03pm -
  • Blogideeën, commonplace books en het trainen van creativiteit door mentaal te jongleren.
    Bloggen draait om aandacht. Het draait om het vastgrijpen en met alle moeite vasthouden van het zo makkelijk afgeleide mensenlijk brein. Je moet opvallen en onthouden worden.Dit doe je doorHet artikel lezenThe post Blogideeën, commonplace books en…
    - 70 days ago 12 Feb 19, 3:19pm -
  • Succes bouwt op zichzelf: weg met sprints en pleisteroplossingen
    De mens denkt en handelt graag in bombastische oplossingen. À la Franse revolutie. We willen in een gigantische optocht, op de maat van epische muziek al zwaaiend met een vlagHet artikel lezenThe post Succes bouwt op zichzelf: weg met sprints en pl…
    - 3 Jan 19, 9:15am -
  • De nieuwe regels voor succes
    Sinds het begin der tijden is langer, harder en sneller werken de basis voor meer succes. Voor jagers, herders, boeren en arbeiders. Dat tijdperk komt langzaam tot zijn einde. DoorHet artikel lezenThe post De nieuwe regels voor succes appeared first…
    - 4 Dec 18, 12:34pm -

Search Engine Land

Mozz SEO Blog

  • nieuwWe Surveyed 1,400 Searchers About Google - Here's What We Learned
    Posted by LilyRayNYCGoogle’s search results have seen a whirlwind of major changes in the past two years. Nearly every type of modern-day search queries produce a combination of rich results beyond the standard blue links — Featured Snippets, Peo…
    - 22 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 8:01am -
  • The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Link Building - Whiteboard Friday
    Posted by randfishThe final episode in our six-part One-Hour Guide to SEO series deals with a topic that's a perennial favorite among SEOs: link building. Today, learn why links are important to both SEO and to Google, how Google likely measures the…
    - 4 days ago 19 Apr 19, 12:02am -
  • 4 Unconventional Ways to Become a Better SEO
    Posted by meagar8Let’s get real for a moment: As much as we hear about positive team cultures and healthy work environments in the digital marketing space, many of us encounter workplace scenarios that are far from the ideal. Some of us might even…
    - 5 days ago 18 Apr 19, 9:00am -
  • How Do I Improve My Domain Authority (DA)?
    Posted by Dr-PeteThe Short Version: Don't obsess over Domain Authority (DA) for its own sake. Domain Authority shines at comparing your overall authority (your aggregate link equity, for the most part) to other sites and determining where you can c…
    - 5 days ago 17 Apr 19, 6:09pm -
  • 12 Steps to Lightning Page Speed
    Posted by WallStreetOasis.comAt Wall Street Oasis, we’ve noticed that every time we focus on improving our page speed, Google sends us more organic traffic. In 2018, our company's website reached over 80 percent of our traffic from organic search.…
    - 8 days ago 15 Apr 19, 12:03am -
  • The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Technical SEO - Whiteboard Friday
    Posted by randfishWe've arrived at one of the meatiest SEO topics in our series: technical SEO. In this fifth part of the One-Hour Guide to SEO, Rand covers essential technical topics from crawlability to internal link structure to subfolders and fa…
    - 11 days ago 12 Apr 19, 12:08am -
  • How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to MozCon 2019
    Posted by cheryldraperFrom networking with your peers to hearing from industry leaders, there are benefits a-plenty to attending conferences. You know that. Your peers know that. But how do you persuade the powers-that-be (aka your boss) that sending…
    - 12 days ago 11 Apr 19, 9:00am -
  • How Bad Was Google's Deindexing Bug?
    Posted by Dr-PeteOn Friday, April 5, after many website owners and SEOs reported pages falling out of rankings, Google confirmed a bug that was causing pages to be deindexed: MozCast showed a multi-day increase in temperatures, including a 105°…
    - 12 days ago 11 Apr 19, 12:05am -
  • Links as a Google Ranking Factor: A 2019 Study
    Posted by EricEngeDo Links Still Matter?For the fourth year running, Stone Temple (now a part of Perficient Digital) conducted a study on how much links matter as a ranking factor. We did that using Moz's Link Explorer and in this year's study, we…
    - 13 days ago 10 Apr 19, 12:03am -


  • We Analyzed 12 Million Outreach Emails. Here’s What We Learned
    We analyzed 12 million outreach emails to answer the question: What’s working in the world of email outreach right now? We looked at subject lines. We looked at personalization. We even looked at follow-up sequences. Along with our data partner for…
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 1:59pm -
  • Copywriting: The Definitive Guide
    This is the ultimate guide to writing AWESOME copy. So if you want: More traffic. More leads. More sales. Then you’ll love the actionable copywriting tips in this guide. Let’s dive right in.The post Copywriting: The Definitive Guide appeared fir…
    - 49 days ago 5 Mar 19, 3:03pm -
  • We Analyzed 912 Million Blog Posts. Here’s What We Learned About Content Marketing
    We analyzed 912 million blog posts to better understand the world of content marketing right now. Specifically, we looked at how factors like content format, word count and headlines correlate with social media shares and backlinks. With the help of…
    - 63 days ago 19 Feb 19, 2:59pm -
  • Introducing: The SEO Marketing Hub, A Free Library of SEO Resources
    I’m SUPER excited to announce the release of the SEO Marketing Hub. This free resource library covers over 35 key topics — including Schema, sitemaps, SEO software, content audits, link bait, rich snippets, and lots more. You can check out the br…
    - 77 days ago 5 Feb 19, 3:48pm -
  • Ecommerce SEO: The Definitive Guide [2019]
    This is the most comprehensive guide to Ecommerce SEO online. In this expert-written guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about optimizing your ecommerce site, from keyword research to technical SEO to link building. So if you’re lookin…
    - 26 Apr 16, 5:03am -
  • The 8-Step Content Strategy For 2019 [Template Included]
    Today you’re going to learn exactly how to create a content strategy in 2019. In fact: This is the same approach I used to grow my blog to 392,441 visits per month. Let’s get started. Step #1: Choose a Content Topic Step #2: Find a Keyword Step #…
    - 3 Feb 15, 12:23pm -


  • 301 Redirects for SEO: Everything You Need to Know
    301 redirects are pretty simple. They’re used to redirect one webpage to another. But understanding how they relate to SEO is more complicated. In this guide, you’ll learn: What 301 redirects are How to implement them How they affect SEO…Read…
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 2:50pm -
  • How to Find and Map Keywords to the Buyer’s Journey
    Your customers don’t want to be sold to. They don’t want to be sent “nurturing emails” and be “warmed up.” They don’t want to be “closed” with the latest sales techniques. These are part of today’s standard sales process. But…R…
    - 12 days ago 11 Apr 19, 1:13pm -
  • 11 Actionable SEO Techniques For More Organic Traffic in 2019
    Most lists of SEO techniques are quite vague: Write great content (?) Build some backlinks (??) Optimize for Rankbrain (…???!) … Yeah, right… *hits back button* In this post, we do away with ambiguity and focus on a handful of…Read more ›…
    - 14 days ago 9 Apr 19, 3:22pm -
  • A Simple SEO Strategy for 2019 (The ‘Middleman’ Method)
    Everyone’s SEO goal is the same: To rank for keywords that drive traffic and revenue. If you sell insurance, ranking for “what is insurance?” is good, but ranking for “buy insurance” is better. That’s because traffic from the latter is……
    - 20 days ago 3 Apr 19, 12:29pm -
  • Ranking #1 on Google Is Overrated (Ahrefs’ Study of 100k Keywords)
    I haven’t done any client SEO work for many years, but I’m sure the gist is much the same as it was 5–10 years ago: Nothing is wrong with any of those questions, but they do demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of…Read more ›The p…
    - 26 days ago 28 Mar 19, 1:31pm -
  • Nofollow vs. Follow Links: Everything You Need to Know
    Nofollow links are nothing new. They’ve been around for 14 years. If you care about your website’s performance in search engines, then knowing when and when not to use nofollowed links isn’t just important—it’s crucial. In this guide, I’l…
    - 27 days ago 27 Mar 19, 12:17am -
  • How to Write a Blog Post in 9 Steps (That People Actually Want to Read)
    Writing a blog post sounds easy enough, right? Open any text editor, start typing, and there you have it. Except…as a writer myself, I know how that story can end. Deciding on a topic, organizing your thoughts, facing that dreaded…Read more ›…
    - 32 days ago 21 Mar 19, 10:31pm -
  • How to Find Who Links to Your Website (and What to Do Next)
    Backlinks are crucial if you want to rank in search engines. We studied almost a billion web pages to see how backlinks from unique websites correlate organic traffic. Generally speaking, the more backlinks a page has from unique websites, the bet…
    - 34 days ago 19 Mar 19, 11:02pm -
  • YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos From Start to Finish
    Within 7½  months, we achieved some killer rankings on YouTube for some of the most sought after keywords in our industry. While rankings are geographically targeted and always in flux, here are a few examples:  We aren’t a viral sensation,…R…
    - 40 days ago 14 Mar 19, 3:07pm -
  • How to Execute the Skyscraper Technique (and Get Results)
    In 2015, Brian Dean revealed a link building strategy he used that had an 11% success rate. This tactic even doubled his organic traffic in 14 days. He called it the Skyscraper Technique. And I think it’s fair to say…Read more ›The post How…
    - 46 days ago 7 Mar 19, 7:37pm -

Search Engine Watch

  • nieuwTop advanced YouTube SEO tips to boost your video performance
    YouTube is not just a social media platform. It’s a powerful search engine for video content. Here’s how to make the most of its SEO potential.The post Top advanced YouTube SEO tips to boost your video performance appeared first on Search Engine…
    - 13 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 4:30pm -
  • Using Python to recover SEO site traffic (Part three)
    In part three, we will learn how to automatically group pages using machine learning to recover SEO site traffic using Python.The post Using Python to recover SEO site traffic (Part three) appeared first on Search Engine Watch.
    - 4 days ago 19 Apr 19, 3:30pm -
  • Study: How ready are businesses for voice search?
    A new analysis of 73,000 business listings found that 96% of all business locations fail to list their business information correctly.The post Study: How ready are businesses for voice search? appeared first on Search Engine Watch.
    - 5 days ago 18 Apr 19, 5:03pm -
  • Three fundamental factors in the production of link-building content
    I've analyzed over 120 pieces of content across 16 industries to define common threads between campaigns that exceed or fall short of their expectations.The post Three fundamental factors in the production of link-building content appeared first on…
    - 6 days ago 17 Apr 19, 2:15pm -
  • Top 19 Instagram marketing tools to use for success
    One billion people use Instagram every month and 500 million use the platform every day. This list covers lots of tools from filters to analytics.The post Top 19 Instagram marketing tools to use for success appeared first on Search Engine Watch.
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 5:40pm -
  • How to optimize paid search ads for phone calls
    70% of consumers have used a click to call button, and a recent study found that calls convert at ten times the rate of clicks. The post How to optimize paid search ads for phone calls appeared first on Search Engine Watch.
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 2:37pm -
  • How to conduct a branded search audit
    Detailed guide to conducting a branded search audit, identifying areas of concern, and making improvements. Lots of examples included.The post How to conduct a branded search audit appeared first on Search Engine Watch.
    - 7 days ago 15 Apr 19, 7:00pm -
  • How to write SEO-friendly alt text for your images
    Alt text for images is an important piece of the SEO puzzle and a great area of opportunity for marketers. Ways to create search engine friendly alt text.The post How to write SEO-friendly alt text for your images appeared first on Search Engine Wat…
    - 11 days ago 12 Apr 19, 4:00pm -
  • Survey: Less than 10% of marketers to focus on Digital PR in 2019
    A recent survey found that while 76% of marketers said brand awareness is a KPI for them, only 9% will focus on Digital PR in 2019.The post Survey: Less than 10% of marketers to focus on Digital PR in 2019 appeared first on Search Engine Watch.
    - 11 days ago 12 Apr 19, 2:30pm -
  • How to perfectly balance affiliate marketing and SEO
    SEO and affiliate marketing can work in perfect alignment if you strategically balance your efforts. Tips to align the two aspects of your business.The post How to perfectly balance affiliate marketing and SEO appeared first on Search Engine Watch.
    - 12 days ago 11 Apr 19, 1:19pm -



SEMrush Blog

  • Pinterest Influencers: Understanding the Interests and Activity Patterns of Top Tier Pinterest Users
    Whether you are interested in establishing your brand as an influencer on Pinterest or want to better understand the Pinterest influencers you’d like to work with, we’ve gathered some valuable data and insights for you.
    - 26 days ago 28 Mar 19, 7:00am -
  • Google News Digest: New Algo Update, New Ad Features, And New Tools
    Google has released a massive core updated and has confirmed they retired rel=next/prev markup. They have also offered new ad updates and tool features. Find out what changes they have made the last two weeks and gain further insights about each ne…
    - 27 days ago 27 Mar 19, 2:00pm -
  • Weekly Wisdom with Tony Wright: Attribution Modeling and Weighting Part 1
    In this Weekly Wisdom video, Tony Wright is going to explain what you need to know about Attribution Modeling and Weighting, and what you should know about attribution and Google Analytics. Gain the insights you need for your marketing campaigns and…
    - 28 days ago 26 Mar 19, 7:00am -
  • The SEMrush Website Migration Checklist
    Website migration is a complex and challenging process, and definitely not something you want to go into without a clear plan. To help you out, we’ve created the Website Migration Checklist, which can be used both as a guide and an interactive blue…
    - 29 days ago 25 Mar 19, 1:30pm -
  • How to Create an e-Commerce Facebook Ads Strategy: A Case Study
    Facebook Ads is a business channel only if you know how to set up and run profitable campaigns. If you have an e-commerce business, Facebook Ads can be extremely powerful. In this article, you‘re going to read the 3 main mistakes to avoid before do…
    - 32 days ago 22 Mar 19, 7:00am -
  • SEO for Bloggers Webinar Recap: How To Optimize WordPress
    SEMrush recently had a webinar with three SEO experts that help clients with blogging optimization - Shelly Fagin, Casey Markee, and Arsen Rabinovich. They answered questions submitted by bloggers and gave so much information we decided to create a w…
    - 34 days ago 20 Mar 19, 7:00am -
  • Weekly Wisdom with Ross Tavendale: Advanced Internal Linking
    This week, we are going to be looking at a dummy‘s guide to internal link building. In particular, looking at things like internal link distribution I find it really interesting because it is showing me where I am linking to in terms of strongest…
    - 35 days ago 19 Mar 19, 7:00am -
  • How to Improve Keyword Rankings with Internal Linking
    Consistent internal linking can and does make a difference. However, it is an overlooked tactic amongst SEO specialists. If you take a focused approach and plan ahead, with internal linking in mind, your site’s content will become a gold mine of o…
    - 39 days ago 15 Mar 19, 7:00am -
  • Google News Digest: New Ad Formats, New Tools, AMP 2019 Improvements, and More
    There are a lot of interesting changes that have taken place in the Googlesphere in the last two weeks, from new ad formats on Google Images to a new layout on Google My Business to revamped tools like Test My Site & RCS Business Messaging, and there…
    - 41 days ago 13 Mar 19, 7:00am -
  • What Can I Do With A Free Account From SEMrush?
    Many new users to SEMrush ask this question and are not really sure what you can do with the SEMrush software. Obviously, many new users to SEMrush will start out on the free level before deciding to make a purchase on a subscription. But when you fi…
    - 21 Apr 16, 6:04pm -

Search Engine Journal

Yoast SEO Blog

  • How to use headings on your site
    Headings help users and search engines to read and understand text. They act as signposts for the readers, and make it easier for people to understand what a post or page is about. Headings also define which parts of your content are important, and s…
    - 4 days ago 19 Apr 19, 1:50pm -
  • Why storytelling is good for SEO
    Once upon a time, there was this woman – let’s call her Mia – and she wanted to write beautiful stories for her blog. Mia noticed she was not getting much traffic from Google, while other bloggers seemed to attract a lot of visitors. She wonder…
    - 5 days ago 18 Apr 19, 12:08pm -
  • A story about Schema, structured data and robots
    Once upon a time, a little robot came to a site to figure out what it was about. The robot read some words and followed some links and said: “Well, there are a lot of mentions of this particular word, so this page must be about that!” She sent ou…
    - 6 days ago 17 Apr 19, 1:01pm -
  • Schema.org is hard; we’re making it easy
    Getting a Schema.org implementation right on a website was – until today – enormously painful. There was not enough documentation and no good tools to help you to make it truly simple. The best implementations so far really are, sadly, still just…
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 10:01am -
  • Yoast SEO 11.0: Structured data awesomeness
    Structured data is incredibly important. Many of the current and future search enhancements are — or will be — powered by structured data. While search engines are good at reading content, structured data can help them to understand. Yoast SEO ha…
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 10:00am -
  • Tips to enhance your experience with the Block Editor
    Today I’d like to highlight two plugins that supercharge the new Block Editor experience. They’re very different in nature, but I find them both equally impressive. There’s some news about the upcoming WordPress 5.2 release, and there might be…
    - 8 days ago 15 Apr 19, 12:53pm -
  • Rank with that cornerstone content!
    Cornerstone articles are those posts that are most important to you. The ones you really want to rank with. The posts that make people come back to your site or buy your stuff. But how do you get those cornerstone articles to end up high in the searc…
    - 11 days ago 12 Apr 19, 1:05pm -
  • Tagging posts properly for users and SEO
    It can be hard to pick the right tags for a post. But they are important and that’s why we’ll explain how you can choose them. One of the most difficult things to do, as your site becomes bigger, is creating and maintaining a logical site structu…
    - 12 days ago 11 Apr 19, 1:40pm -
  • Create your first report in Google Data Studio
    When working with Google Analytics, you do not always want to stick with just a secondary dimension. Sometimes, you also want a third and fourth dimension. But in Google Analytics’s standard reports, that’s not possible. And the custom reports yo…
    - 13 days ago 10 Apr 19, 1:17pm -
  • Yoast subscriptions: keep your SEO on track
    Yoast has been offering subscriptions to our plugins and courses since November of 2018. Lots of happy customers have already purchased a subscription plan! But why would you need a subscription? Isn’t it enough to thoroughly invest in SEO once? Wh…
    - 14 days ago 9 Apr 19, 12:54pm -
  • PHP requirement for WordPress, WooCommerce dashboard and Gutenberg 5.4
    Today’s roundup is all about various upcoming updates across the WordPress ecosphere. From WordPress itself to Gutenberg, PHP, and WooCommerce. Let’s get started! WordPress wants you to update your PHP If you’ve been following my roundups, you…
    - 15 days ago 8 Apr 19, 1:44pm -
  • Cornerstone analysis to help you create your best articles
    Cornerstone articles should be the best and most complete articles on your website. That means that you should make an effort to make this article as awesome as possible. Raise your normal standards and write extraordinary cornerstones. To help you c…
    - 18 days ago 5 Apr 19, 12:34pm -
  • How to optimize your restaurant website
    If you have a restaurant and a restaurant website to go with it, you might want to read this article. We have covered a lot of topics on this website already, but we’ve decided to focus a bit more on specific types of websites in a number of post…
    - 19 days ago 4 Apr 19, 12:55pm -
  • What is keyword stemming?
    Google can read and analyze texts very well. Google understands that ‘walk’, ‘walking’, ‘walked’, ‘walks’ all boils down to the same thing. Also, Google knows that ‘baby’ is basically the same thing as babies. Optimizing your text…
    - 20 days ago 3 Apr 19, 12:48pm -
  • Yoast SEO 10.1: Wortformen auf Deutsch
    A while back we released Yoast SEO 9.0. This was a huge release for us, as we made our SEO analysis smarter. Thanks to something called stemming, i.e. breaking words down to their smallest form to do complex analysis on, we can now detect word forms.…
    - 21 days ago 2 Apr 19, 1:53pm -
  • Plugin tips for A/B testing, profiling and more!
    Today’s roundup highlights some useful WordPress plugins. They’re either new, or have recently been updated with interesting features. From A/B testing to profiling and more… And of course, I have some bonus links for you as well! A/B testing m…
    - 22 days ago 1 Apr 19, 1:41pm -
  • Why focus on long tail keywords?
    Focusing on long tail keywords is a great SEO tactic. Long tail keywords are keywords or key phrases that are more specific – and usually longer – than more commonly searched for keywords. Long tail keywords get less search traffic, but will usua…
    - 25 days ago 29 Mar 19, 2:12pm -
  • WordPress SEO: the definitive guide
    The ONLY tutorial you need to boost your search engine traffic by improving your WordPress SEO. Tips on WordPress SEO plugin usage, structuring your site and optimizing your theme!The post WordPress SEO: the definitive guide appeared first on Yoast.
    - 26 days ago 28 Mar 19, 2:05pm -
  • What is the difference between a keyword and a keyphrase?
    You’ve probably heard that doing keyword research is an essential, first step in optimizing your website properly. But how about these keywords: can they only be single words or can they also be longer multi-word keyphrases? And what exactly is the…
    - 27 days ago 27 Mar 19, 2:22pm -
  • What is structured data?
    You might have heard about structured data, Schema.org, and JSON-LD. But what do these terms mean exactly? What is structured data? What does structured data do? And what does it have to do with SEO? For all of you who don’t know what structured da…
    - 28 days ago 26 Mar 19, 2:24pm -

Search Engine Journal

Online Metrics

  • 11 Ways to Leverage Naming Conventions in Google Analytics and Tag Manager
    Naming conventions are a crucial aspect of the Google Analytics setup. Embed this in your Analytics strategy and you will greatly improve your productivity and data-driven ROI. I can remember – more than 10 years ago – I started out in Digital Ma…
    - 14 days ago 9 Apr 19, 6:52am -
  • Event Tracking and 10 Fundamental Questions to Answer First
    There are already a ton of resources out there focusing on how and what to track with Event Tracking. This guide answers 10 fundamental questions that are often overlooked. Craving for more, more and more data… This is something I come across very…
    - 49 days ago 5 Mar 19, 8:00am -
  • How Google Analytics Channels Can Make or Break Your Data Analysis
    The two most common ways to analyze traffic sources to your website is by the channel or source/medium dimension. In this post we explore how both dimensions work together. A few months ago I wrote about the “Default Channel Grouping” and how thi…
    - 8 Jan 19, 7:40am -
  • Ultimate Collection of Powerful Google Analytics Segments (100+ Examples)
    Google Analytics comes with a ton of features that enhance your data insights. Applying segments is one of the most important strategies that every marketer and analyst should understand and utilize. In most cases, an unsegmented data analysis is no…
    - 27 Nov 18, 8:00am -
  • Step-by-Step Guide on the Default Channel Grouping Dimension
    The Channels report and Default Channel Grouping dimension come with critical insights for any business. Most companies get the setup terribly wrong and don’t use it to its fullest potential. Let’s demystify the Default Channel Grouping together!…
    - 30 Oct 18, 7:47am -
  • Pro Guide to the Shopping Behavior Analysis Report in Google Analytics
    The Shopping Behavior Analysis report holds a tremendous amount of insights. In my experience, most marketers and analysts only scratch the surface, let’s change that! A few weeks ago one of my Ecommerce clients was preparing a presentation around…
    - 18 Sep 18, 7:00am -
  • Top 16 Google Tag Manager Extensions Worth Trying Out
    Google Tag Manager is a great tool, but do you leverage the GTM extensions as well? Every month new Google Tag Manager extensions are created and some of them are pure gold. A while ago I wrote a post on Google Analytics Chrome Add-ons and now it i…
    - 21 Aug 18, 6:47am -
  • Ultimate Guide to Using a Google Analytics Test View
    Learn how to use a Google Analytics Test View to bulletproof your configuration. This post includes the best strategies and tips to optimize your Analytics setup testing process. In the Google Analytics Setup Mastery Course you can learn all the nit…
    - 31 Jul 18, 6:42am -
  • Best Strategies for Dealing with Bot Traffic in Google Analytics
    Bot traffic on the web has exploded in the last years. In this post you will learn all details about bot traffic and what you should do to minimize the negative impact on your data. I was inspired to write this article after a remark of one of my cli…
    - 10 Jul 18, 7:00am -
  • The Complete Guide to Leverage Custom Metrics in Google Analytics
    Custom metrics belong to the most underused features in Google Analytics. Read this article and empower yourself to enhance your setup and insights with custom metrics! In previous articles I’ve shared a lot about pre-defined metrics and calculated…
    - 5 Jun 18, 6:58am -

SEO by the Sea

  • Context Clusters in Search Query Suggestions
    unsplash-logoSaketh Garuda Context Clusters and Query Suggestions at Google A new patent application from Google tells us about how the search engine may use context to find query suggestions before a searcher has completed typing in a full query. Th…
    - 63 days ago 19 Feb 19, 12:39am -
  • Universal Search Updated at Google
    unsplash-logoTristan Colangelo Sura gave up on her debugging for the moment. “The word for all this is ‘mature programming environment.’ Basically, when hardware performance has been pushed to its final limit, and programmers have…
    - 4 Jan 19, 8:35pm -
  • How Google’s Knowledge Graph Updates Itself by Answering Questions
    How A Knowledge Graph Updates Itself unsplash-logoElijah Hail To those of us who are used to doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we’ve been looking at URLs filled with content, and links between that content, and how algorithms such as PageRank…
    - 29 Oct 18, 9:50pm -
  • How Google Identifies Primary Versions of Duplicate Pages
    Identifying Primary Versions of Duplicate Pages We know that Google doesn’t penalize duplicate pages on the Web, but it may try to identify which version it prefers to other versions of the same page. I came across this statement from Dejan SEO on…
    - 12 Oct 18, 2:35pm -
  • Quality Scores for Queries: Structured Data, Synthetic Queries and Augmentation Queries
    Augmentation Queries In general, the subject matter of this specification relates to identifying or generating augmentation queries, storing the augmentation queries, and identifying stored augmentation queries for use in augmenting user searches. An…
    - 30 Jul 18, 9:04pm -
  • Learning to Rank
    My last Post was Five Years of Google Ranking Signals, and I start that post by saying that there are other posts about ranking signals that have some issues. But, there are other pages that you may want to look at while you are learning to rank webp…
    - 16 Jul 18, 9:47pm -
  • Five Years of Google Ranking Signals
    Organic Search Google Ranking Signals 1. Domain Age and Rate of Linking 2. Use of Keywords 3. Related Phrases 4. Keywords in Main Headings, Lists, and Titles 5. Page Speed 6. Watch Times for a Page 7. Context Terms on a Page 8. Language Models Using…
    - 22 Jun 18, 10:42pm -
  • Google Patent on Structured Data Focuses upon JSON-LD
    Search Using Structured Data Structured Data is information that is formatted into a repository that a search engine can read easily. Some examples include XML markup in XML sitemaps and schema vocabulary found in JSON-LD scripts. It is distinct from…
    - 17 Jun 18, 9:46pm -

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