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Reddit SEO

  • nieuwFreelancing for client how much shoul i charge?
    Just started freelancing and a client asking me to build 100 links for his website what should i charge in USD? submitted by /u/digitalguyonline [link] [comments]
    - 2 hours ago 23 Apr 19, 3:32am -
  • nieuwAnyone have experience with Uber-flip? All comments welcome.
    submitted by /u/marymek [link] [comments]
    - 3 hours ago 23 Apr 19, 2:46am -
  • nieuwSEO take on Magento 2?
    Magento 2 has been out for quite a while now, and with Magento 1's lifecycle nearing its end, more and more sites are being moved across to Magento 2. Have you managed one of these migrations, and if so how did you fair before/after? Would you recomm…
    - 6 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 11:33pm -
  • nieuwContent Updates - How much time?
    We are adding some content to a page on our website that is performing poorly for our targeted keywords. How much time should we allow once content is posted to determine if it will have an impact? submitted by /u/kbiest [link] [comments]
    - 8 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 9:59pm -
  • nieuwBlog post with analytics on search traffic over time for SEO link building?
    I'm trying to build a link building and SEO campaign for my startup and looking for a blog post with stats on traffic over time for someone who started a link building campaign. I think what I'm going to do is try to allocate 30-60 minutes per day of…
    - 8 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 9:50pm -
  • nieuwAnyone able to troubleshoot this SEO issue?
    I have a group of 15-20 keywords that fluctuate from page 1 to not in the top 100 every two weeks or so. Some for my homepage keywords and some for blog post keywords. Anyone ever experience this extreme bipolar SEO syndrome?! submitted by /u/j…
    - 9 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 8:40pm -
  • nieuwIs content that animates as the user scrolls down the page bad for SEO?
    We were recently asked by a website owner if the content on their homepage is being "devalued" by Google due to the animations on the page. They were told the following by another SEO company who was taking a look at their site: "The main thing we no…
    - 11 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 7:00pm -
  • nieuwAre there any questions that you'd like to ask about SEMRush?
    Hey, I tried posting this under a throwaway account, but for whatever reason it didn't work, so I'll just delete my post in a few days from this account. The company I work at has scheduled a meeting with someone from SEMRush this week and we've got…
    - 11 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 6:54pm -
  • nieuwBrand name Search not displaying the country specific url in Google
    Hi, We have setup 10 country specific subdomains, like in.site.com , uk.site.com , au.site.com etc. We have mapped each country to their specific subdomains from Google Search console. I made a search for our brand name in Google India. In Google In…
    - 12 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 6:21pm -
  • nieuwAnyone using AMP for WP with a ShopperApproved star rating system?
    Hey all, hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm seeing some odd stuff and wondering if anyone else is too. Have a WP site and am using the amp for WP plugin for amp. We also have the ShopperApproved rating system. We set up the WP pages very carefull…
    - 12 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 6:12pm -

Search Metrics Blog

  • Google’s work in progress with health care rankings
     iTunes       Overcast      Spotify      Stitcher Episode Overview When it comes to Google rankings, the health care industry has emerged as one of the most experimental. It’s a sector that Google traditionally hasn’t focused on a lo…
    - 4 days ago 19 Apr 19, 10:38am -
  • How the travel industry is playing the Google rankings game
    iTunes       Overcast      Spotify      Stitcher Episode Overview What is driving online visibility in travel? With Google’s recent core update, the travel industry is experiencing big transitions, redefining the major players and how the…
    - 5 days ago 18 Apr 19, 10:19am -
  • SEO, Content and Linguistics: A Case Study
    What does linguistics mean for SEO, Content and mattresses? In this article, we look at the mattress manufacturer, Casper, and see how they use linguistic theory, coupled with a detailed understanding of their target audience, to optimize their conte…
    - 6 days ago 17 Apr 19, 8:58am -
  • Fintech revolution: How Google rankings are transforming banking and finance
     iTunes       Overcast      Spotify      Stitcher Episode Overview Banking and finance companies are facing more competitive forces than ever as they vie for market share in the digital landscape—where now, web visibility is shaping th…
    - 6 days ago 17 Apr 19, 8:20am -
  • Built for speed: Google’s ranking factors for media and publishing sites
     iTunes       Overcast      Spotify      Stitcher Episode Overview When it comes to media and publishing, how do you ensure successful rankings on Google? In this third podcast of our April Searchmetrics Content Ranking Factors series…
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 10:29am -
  • What are Google’s unique ranking factors for the eCommerce industry?
     iTunes       Overcast      Spotify      Stitcher Episode Overview What are the Google ranking factors impacting visibility in the eCommerce industry? In today’s hyper-competitive market, you need access to specific data to outperform…
    - 8 days ago 15 Apr 19, 9:39am -
  • The importance of discussing SEO during earnings calls
     iTunes       Overcast      Spotify      Stitcher Episode Overview Increasingly, SEO has become an important topic for executives to address during earnings calls. It’s also becoming a barometer for investors as they evaluate company s…
    - 12 days ago 11 Apr 19, 1:25am -
  • How is Google evaluating web content for rankings?
    iTunes       Overcast      Spotify      Stitcher Episode Overview When it comes to Google, content may be king, but there’s also a lot that data-driven marketers need to know and do—including understanding that data is not the enemy of…
    - 13 days ago 10 Apr 19, 3:56am -
  • Your questions, our answers: 22 top tips for SEO in 2019
    How is content changing? Which link-building strategies still work? How important are Voice Search and Visual Search becoming? How can SEOs equip themselves to be ready for the next Google Update and what else will be important for SEO in 2019? In th…
    - 19 days ago 4 Apr 19, 11:55am -
  • Paying Your Technical Debt: Achieving Google’s Ranking Factors Trifecta – Part 2
     iTunes       Overcast      Spotify      Stitcher Episode Overview In part 1 of our series, savvy SEO strategists Jordan Koene and Sebastian Edgar reviewed the critical need for website speed, crawlability, and mobile responsiveness.…
    - 19 days ago 4 Apr 19, 12:52am -


  • nieuwHow to structure your Amazon Advertising account for success
    An in-depth guide with step by step instructions, screenshots, and examples of how to best set up a campaign on your Amazon Advertising account.The post How to structure your Amazon Advertising account for success appeared first on ClickZ.
    - 13 hours ago 22 Apr 19, 4:25pm -
  • What HubSpot does best, according to a HubSpot expert
    "So many companies end up over-investing in software that doesn’t match up with the way they do work.” A certified HubSpot expert tells us what might make a company choose this platform.The post What HubSpot does best, according to a HubSpot exp…
    - 4 days ago 19 Apr 19, 3:40pm -
  • Uberflip CEO Yoav Schwartz on empowering better content experiences
    Uberflip's content experience platform is used by companies like Microsoft, Staples, and SAP. What makes them stand out and what's next for the company?The post Uberflip CEO Yoav Schwartz on empowering better content experiences appeared first on Cl…
    - 4 days ago 19 Apr 19, 2:35pm -
  • Martech funding roundup: CleverTap, BUMP, Dote, and Klaviyo
    The top funding news in marketing technology last week: CleverTap raised $26 million for its customer management tools, BUMP raised $7.5 millio, and more.The post Martech funding roundup: CleverTap, BUMP, Dote, and Klaviyo appeared first on ClickZ.
    - 5 days ago 18 Apr 19, 5:30pm -
  • What’s Saks Fifth Avenue’s top tech investment? Its salespeople
    While retailers increasingly trick their stores out, Saks Fifth Avenue focuses on making sure salespeople have every digital tool at their disposal.The post What’s Saks Fifth Avenue’s top tech investment? Its salespeople appeared first on ClickZ…
    - 5 days ago 18 Apr 19, 1:15pm -
  • Salesforce announces new Einstein features for devs to build custom AI and ML
    Today, Salesforce announced new features within their AI-powered Einstein Platform Services, including automatic language translation and prediction builder.The post Salesforce announces new Einstein features for devs to build custom AI and ML appea…
    - 5 days ago 17 Apr 19, 9:36pm -
  • What AI has in store for marketers in 2019: Impact across 3 specific industries
    Three ways marketers can expect to see AI continue to be used to drive customer engagement in 2019, across travel, retail, and media & entertainment. The post What AI has in store for marketers in 2019: Impact across 3 specific industries appeared f…
    - 6 days ago 17 Apr 19, 3:10pm -
  • Video: Intro to customer data platforms and when to use them
    Customer data platforms (CDPs) aren’t nearly as complicated as they sound. In essence, they gather all your customer data in one place so you can then integrate it into your existing marketing practices.The post Video: Intro to customer data platf…
    - 6 days ago 17 Apr 19, 2:16pm -
  • Martech news roundup: Salesforce + Google Cloud, Vimeo buys Magisto, IAB Tech Lab new products
    Roundup of top news in martech from the week of Apr 8-Apr 16, 2019.The post Martech news roundup: Salesforce + Google Cloud, Vimeo buys Magisto, IAB Tech Lab new products appeared first on ClickZ.
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 5:19pm -
  • GDPR checklist for digital experience management platforms in 2019
    What should brands look for when choosing such a solution? A six-point checklist to help brands achieve marketing goals in the privacy and compliance age.The post GDPR checklist for digital experience management platforms in 2019 appeared first on C…
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 2:00pm -

Matthew Woodward

  • SEO Case Study: How To 14x Search Traffic In 8x months
    Learn how we took traffic from 2,732 visitors per month to 38,420 in just 8x months. I am going to take you behind the scenes and show you everything we did step by step including the complete link building strategy. You’re going to love it!SEO Ca…
    - 91 days ago 22 Jan 19, 4:41pm -
  • 12x Incredible Link Building Strategies For 2019
    We all know that more links = higher rankings. But building links isn’t always easy. So I am going to share 12x incredible link building strategies with you today. You can use any of these proven link building strategies to attract high quality lin…
    - 10 Jan 19, 12:18pm -
  • Which Is The Best WordPress Hosting? 7 Hosts – 6 Ruthless Tests
    Choosing the best WordPress hosting for your site is critical. And the most important thing you need to consider is… How fast it is! Why? Because if your website loads slowly, you will suffer from- And last but not least… Your websites speed is c…
    - 17 Nov 18, 8:30pm -
  • Ahrefs vs Majestic SEO – 1 Million Reasons Why Ahrefs Is Better [Updated for 2018]
    HUGE NEW UPDATE! If you don’t have time to read this post terminate your Majestic account immediately and take out the Ahrefs trial without hesitation. Back in 2013, I conducted an experiment to see which is the best backlink checker. Long story sh…
    - 4 Sep 18, 12:00pm -
  • The Best Free SEO Tools To Super Charge Your Search Rankings
    A lot of SEO tools & internet marketing software can be quite expensive if you’re just starting out. But if you’re ultra-resourceful then you can take advantage of the best free SEO tools and trials that are available. You can get everything from…
    - 28 Jul 18, 3:00pm -
  • How Lowering Your Bounce Rate Can Help You Increase Your Rankings
    One of the most overlooked ranking factors in Google is your bounce rate. That’s because bounce rate doesnt have a direct impact on SEO. BUT! It does have a huge impact on lots of metrics that DO have a direct impact on your rankings. In fact you a…
    - 12 Jun 18, 12:01pm -
  • The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce SEO
    Ecommerce SEO doesnt have to be hard work. So in this tutorial I am going to teach you how to increase traffic to your ecommerce with my personal ecommerce SEO process. It doesn’t get any easier than this!The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce SEO was or…
    - 9 May 18, 5:20pm -
  • Google’s New SEO Starter Guide: What You Need To Know
    You might have missed this. But Google brought us an interesting surprise recently. They decided to revamp their official SEO Starter Guide for the first time in over seven years. The new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide is full of usef…
    - 13 Mar 18, 2:08pm -
  • Ahrefs Review – 25 Ways To Increase YOUR Search Traffic
    Want to drive a TON of organic traffic to your website? Here’s the basic formula: Pick a topic/keyword Create an exceptional piece of content around that topic Promote it. Build links to it. Rank it. Sounds simple, right!? I’ll let you in on a li…
    - 22 Jan 18, 4:06pm -
  • The Ultimate Guide To Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners [2018]
    Starting out as a freelance writer can be confusing, can’t it? You have no idea what steps you should take, how you should be spending your time, or if you’re even doing the right thing. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way: Sta…
    - 11 Jan 18, 10:55am -

Cognitive SEO

  • Best Internal Linking Structure & Strategy to Boost Your SEO
    It’s interesting for me to see that even experienced SEO specialists forget about the power of internal linking. As backlinks from other websites become harder and harder to obtain (because people focus on the wrong techniques), using an internal l…
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 9:02am -
  • How to Nail a Relationship Marketing Strategy for Your Business Success
    Relationship marketing is important in every business. Clients keep your business running. Getting them is one thing, but keeping them is a whole different story.   Customer loyalty can ensure a strong long-term relationship with your clients. Havin…
    - 12 days ago 11 Apr 19, 11:50am -
  • How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google & How To Speed It Up
    Regardless if you’re just starting out with SEO, or you’re offering SEO services for a long time, everybody seems to ask you the same thing:   “How long does it take to rank in Google?”   Well, it’s time to understand exactly what factors…
    - 19 days ago 4 Apr 19, 9:01am -
  • How to Get 100% Year-Over-Year Organic Traffic Growth with Lukasz Zelezny
    Within this cognitiveSEO Talks episode you’ll get the chance to get inspired by Lukasz Zelezny, a prolific keynote speaker, SEO consultant, and author. He started working in the SEO industry around 20 years ago while living in Poland. Every year he…
    - 27 days ago 27 Mar 19, 10:25am -
  • Top Use Cases When to Use 301 Redirects & How to Properly Do It
    301 redirects are one of the core elements SEO experts use on a regular basis. They are very useful but they can also be very dangerous. You can fix broken links with them, but you can also create redirect loops which can affect indexability.   In o…
    - 34 days ago 20 Mar 19, 7:46am -
  • The Google March 2019 Core Update Is Rolling Out! Massive Rankings Fluctuations
    Update March 15, 2019: Although this Google Update initially came out under the name of Florida 2.0, Google themselves named this update Google March 2019 Core Update. According to officials, this name helps to avoid confusion as it tells you the typ…
    - 40 days ago 14 Mar 19, 2:24pm -
  • The Complete Google Marketing Tools List Every Business Should Know About
    Google is quite disputed be search marketers all over the world but we can all agree on one thing: Google offers lots of tools and features which can help every business, big or small, to thrive and make the most of their activity. From developer to…
    - 41 days ago 13 Mar 19, 10:22am -
  • 21 Easy to Implement SEO Actions That Can Improve Your Rankings Big Time
    To many people SEO seems like something really hard to do, which also takes a lot of time. While mostly that’s true, it’s also true that there are some small SEO actions you can perform that can have a big impact on your rankings.   In this pos…
    - 49 days ago 5 Mar 19, 1:17pm -
  • SEO vs. Over Optimization – Does Unoptimized SEO Win the Battle?
    Every couple of months, someone proclaims that SEO is dead or sets off a number of anti-SEO threads, based on the continuous changing scenery in the search industry. It goes without saying that the landscape is different from what it used to be a co…
    - 54 days ago 28 Feb 19, 11:15am -
  • Technical SEO Checklist – The Roadmap to a Complete Technical SEO Audit
    While technical SEO is a topic that only some of us make use of rigorously, it is a part of everybody’s life. Well, which part of SEO is not technical if we were to look at it thoroughly?   SEO issues, mistakes, tips and recommendations are all in…
    - 62 days ago 20 Feb 19, 9:27am -

Gotch SEO Blog

  • HTTP vs. HTTPS: How Your Decision Impacts SEO
    There’s a website attack every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Americans every year. But if you’re not protecting the information being passed through your website, you could be skyrocketing the chances of a cyber attack happening to your site…
    - 4 days ago 18 Apr 19, 8:29pm -
  • How to Sell $470,998 Worth of Backlinks
    Wondering how to sell more stuff online? Perfect because I’m going to show you how I sold $470,998 worth of backlinks and acquired 507 customers. Get access to proven emails that drove $33,245 in revenue. Let’s jump right in. 12 Easy Ways to Sell…
    - 5 days ago 18 Apr 19, 3:31pm -
  • How to Actually Make Money Online in 2019
    What’s the fastest way to make money online in 2019? Well, let me start by saying this: If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, then this isn’t for you. If you’re looking to build a real business, then this IS for you. Still here? Good…
    - 7 days ago 16 Apr 19, 2:08pm -
  • How to Create a Squeeze Page That Converts at 74.5% (Case Study)
    What if your squeeze pages converted at 74.5%? Good news. It’s possible because I’ve done it myself and I’ll be showing you how I did it right now. But, first: What is a Squeeze Page? A squeeze page is designed to achieve one objective: get a p…
    - 17 days ago 5 Apr 19, 7:46pm -
  • What is a Redirect Chain? The Complete Guide
    Wondering what a redirect chain is? Good because I’ll show you exactly what they are, why they matter for SEO, and how to fix them. Let’s jump right in. What is a Redirect Chain? A redirect chain occurs when a page on your site redirects to a pag…
    - 19 days ago 4 Apr 19, 5:14pm -
  • 47 Deadly SEO Mistakes to Avoid
    What SEO mistakes do you need to avoid if you want to maximize your SEO performance in 2019? Well, there are many moving parts in an SEO campaign and it’s easy to slip up. That’s why I’m going to show you 47 of the biggest SEO mistakes you need…
    - 21 days ago 2 Apr 19, 5:21pm -
  • How to Increase Website Traffic by 1,962%
    Wondering how you can increase your website traffic in 2019? In this video, I’ll show you how I used SEO to increase my traffic by 1,962%. You’ll learn: Why you should NOT create any new content (if you want more traffic from Google Why short con…
    - 21 days ago 1 Apr 19, 10:01pm -
  • What is SEO? The Ultimate Guide for 2019
    What is SEO? I remember asking that question back in 2012 too. That’s why today I’ll explain everything you’ve ever wanted to know about SEO in 2019. Let me ask you: Did you know that 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine? Th…
    - 30 days ago 23 Mar 19, 6:58pm -
  • The On-Page SEO Checklist for 2019

    - 56 days ago 26 Feb 19, 3:40am -
  • SEO Content: The Definitive Guide for 2019
    What is SEO content? That’s what this guide is all about. Listen: If I could choose only one skill to learn within the field of SEO, it would be how to create SEO content. That’s because it’s the lead domino. You have to get it right or you won…
    - 61 days ago 21 Feb 19, 2:27pm -



Search Engine Round Table

  • Google Search Console URL Parameters Tool May Change
    Google's John Mueller hinted on Twitter that the URL parameter tool that was added to Google Search Console in 2009 may not be 100% ported to the new Google Search Console. He said Google may make the tool evolve versus make it a 1 to 1 switch over.…
    - -
  • Google Might Change How NoIndex In Robots.txt Works
    For years Google has been communicating and we've been reporting that Google does not support using the noindex direction within your robots.txt file. Well, people still use it and now Gary Illyes from Google is on the case - he may end up making su…
    - -
  • Google Posts Supports Highlighting Customer Testimonials & Reviews
    Google posted on Twitter that within Google My Business you can now highlight and post automatically suggested reviews as customer testimonials. Google said "Google My Business now provides suggested posts to help you showcase positive reviews. Thes…
    - -
  • Submit Questions Around JavaScript SEO For Google
    As you know, Google posted their last video on their JavaScript videos for SEO yesterday. But now that the first part of the series is over, Martin Splitt from Google wants to keep it going. He asked folks to post their ideas and questions in this Go…
    - -
  • Google AMP Kimonos At AMP Conf

    - -

SEO Book

  • The Fractured Web
    Anyone can argue about the intent of a particular action & the outcome that is derived by it. But when the outcome is known, at some point the intent is inferred if the outcome is derived from a source of power & the outcome doesn't change. Or, put…
    - 5 days ago 17 Apr 19, 6:09pm -
  • Keyword Not Provided, But it Just Clicks
    When SEO Was EasyWhen I got started on the web over 15 years ago I created an overly broad & shallow website that had little chance of making money because it was utterly undifferentiated and crappy. In spite of my best (worst?) efforts while being…
    - 14 days ago 9 Apr 19, 3:09pm -
  • How The Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone
    Brian McCullough, who runs Internet History Podcast, also wrote a book named How The Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone which did a fantastic job of capturing the ethos of the early web and telling the backstory of so many people & projec…
    - 15 days ago 8 Apr 19, 3:13am -
  • Google Florida 2.0 Algorithm Update: Early Observations
    It has been a while since Google has had a major algorithm update. They recently announced one which began on the 12th of March.This week, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. Our guidance about such updates r…
    - 36 days ago 18 Mar 19, 5:02am -
  • A Darker Shade of Gray
    Google's original breakthrough in search was placing weight on links & using them to approximate the behavior of web users. The abstract ofThe PageRank Citation Ranking: Bringing Order to the Web readsThe importance of a Web page is an inherently s…
    - 41 days ago 13 Mar 19, 10:28am -
  • Left is Right & Up is Down
    Probably the single best video to watch to understand the power of Google & Facebook (or even most of the major problems across society) is this following video about pleasure versus happiness. In constantly seeking pleasure we forego happiness.The…
    - 16 Nov 17, 11:20pm -
  • Grist for the Machine
    GristMuch like publishers, employees at the big tech monopolies can end up little more than grist.Products & product categories come & go, but even if you build "the one" you still may lose everything in the process.Imagine building the most succe…
    - 9 Oct 17, 6:41pm -
  • Virtual Real Estate
    Wrastlin With The NewsThe current presidential cabinet includes a WWE co-founder & this passes for modern political discourse:#FraudNewsCNN #FNN pic.twitter.com/WYUnHjjUjg— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 2, 2017CNN promised vengeance.…
    - 9 Oct 17, 6:31pm -
  • Rank Checker Update
    Recently rank checker started hanging on some search queries & the button on the SEO Toolbar which launched rank checker stopped working. Both of these issues should now be fixed if you update your Firefox extensions.If ever the toolbar button doesn…
    - 26 Apr 17, 6:54pm -
  • DMOZ Shut Down
    Last August I wrote a blog post about how attention merchants were sucking the value out of online publishing. In it I noted how the Yahoo! Directory disappeared & how even DMOZ saw a sharp drop in traffic & rankings over the past few years.The con…
    - 21 Mar 17, 7:49pm -
  • New gTLDs are Like Used Cars
    There may be a couple exceptions which prove the rule, but new TLDs are generally an awful investment for everyone except the registry operator.Here is the short version...Imagine registering a domain for $10, building a business on it, and then le…
    - 8 Mar 17, 8:05am -
  • Disappearing Clicks
    When Compete.com launched with credits-based pricing well over a decade ago I felt like a kid in a candy store using their competitive research tool. Recently Compete.com announced they were shutting down, but many of the link analysis & competitive…
    - 25 Nov 16, 11:34pm -
  • Google & Facebook Squeezing Out Partners
    SectionsJust Make Great Content...Search Engine Engineering FearIgnore The Eye Candy, It's PoisonedBelow The Fold = Out Of MindCoercion Which FailedEmbrace, Extend, ExtinguishDumb Pipes, Dumb Partnerships"User" FriendlyThe Numbers Can't Work…
    - 7 Nov 16, 1:56pm -
  • Penguin 4.0 Update
    On Friday Google's Gary Illyes announced Penguin 4.0 was now live.Key points highlighted in their post are:Penguin is a part of their core ranking algorithmPenguin is now real-time, rather than something which periodically refreshesPenguin has s…
    - 25 Sep 16, 10:13am -
  • Free Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool Alternative
    Google recently made it much harder to receive accurate keyword data from the AdWords keyword tool. They have not only grouped similar terms, but then they broadened out the data ranges to absurdly wide ranges like 10,000 to 100,000 searches a mont…
    - 15 Sep 16, 4:41pm -
  • How I Learned to Start Loving Social Media's Darkside
    I'm baaaaaaack.Organic ListingsWhat a fun past couple years it has been in the digital marketing landscape; we've seen hummingbirds, ads displacing organic listings, phantoms, ads displacing organic listings, rank brain, and of course ads displacin…
    - 10 Aug 16, 1:16am -
  • Facebook's Panda Update
    So far this year publishers have lost 52% their Facebook distribution due to: increased ad load (another record quarter for Facebook!!!)shifting of the news feed "relevancy" algorithm toward friendspromotion of new formats, like live video (if the…
    - 9 Aug 16, 7:24pm -
  • Brands Beat Generics
    When markets are new they are unproven, thus they often have limited investment targeting them. That in turn means it can be easy to win in new markets just by virtue of existing. It wouldn't be hard to rank well creating a blog today about the evo…
    - 31 Jul 16, 8:53pm -
  • Neofeudal Web Publishing Best Practices Guide
    At the abstract level, if many people believe in something then it will grow. The opposite is also true. And in a limitless, virtual world, you can not see what is not there.The Yahoo DirectoryBefore I got into search, the Yahoo! Directory was so…
    - 20 Jun 16, 7:44pm -
  • Reinventing SEO
    Back in the Day...If you are new to SEO it is hard to appreciate how easy SEO was say 6 to 8 years ago. Almost everything worked quickly, cheaply, and predictably.Go back a few years earlier and you could rank a site without even looking at it. :D…
    - 12 May 16, 9:44am -
  • Google Rethinking Payday Loans & Doorway Pages?
    Nov 12, 2013 WSJ: Google Ventures Backs LendUp to Rethink Payday LoansGoogle Ventures Partner Blake Byers joined LendUp’s board of directors with his firm’s investment. The investor said he expects LendUp to make short-term lending reasonable an…
    - 11 May 16, 7:34pm -
  • The (Hollow) Soul of Technology
    The Daily ObituaryAs far as being an investable business goes, news is horrible. And it is getting worse by the day.Look at these top performers.The above chart looks ugly, but in reality it puts an optimistic spin on things...it has survivorsh…
    - 9 May 16, 11:01pm -
  • Time to Retire From SEO
    Since we are now at the point that some search results don't have *ANY* organic search results, it is hard to see much purpose in SEO. The old Google used to be so useful.. the new Google, not so much. pic.twitter.com/0CtbQYnd7u— SEA☂☂LE SEO (…
    - 1 Apr 16, 8:53pm -
  • Google's Big Brand Shakedown
    Inorganic SERPsA few weeks back Google introduced literally organic-free search results on mobile devices in the travel vertical. Google is now deepening that organic-free offering, announcing their new mobile travel guides would launch in 201 citie…
    - 11 Mar 16, 3:01pm -
  • How Google Search Works in 2016
    Sharing is caring!Please share :)Embed code is here.The below image has a somewhat small font size on it. You can see the full sized version by clicking here.Many years ago we created an infographic about how search works, from the perspectiv…
    - 26 Jan 16, 8:46pm -
  • The 4 Fundamental Steps of Conversion Optimization
    Once upon a time, I was sitting in my office looking over data for one our new clients and reviewing the conversion project roadmap. The phone rang and on the other end was the VP of marketing for a multi-billion-dollar company. It is very unusu…
    - 18 Dec 15, 1:41pm -
  • Restoring Firefox Extensions After The Firefox 43 Update
    Update: Our extensions are now signed, so you should be able to download the most recent version of them & use them with the most recent version of Firefox without having to mess with the Firefox plugin option security settings.Firefox recently upda…
    - 17 Dec 15, 7:39pm -
  • Publisher Blocking: How the Web Was Lost
    Streaming AppsGoogle recently announced app streaming, where they can showcase & deep link into apps in the search results even if users do not have those apps installed. How it works is rather than users installing the app, Google has the app inst…
    - 25 Nov 15, 6:03pm -
  • Ad Network Ménage à Trois: Bing, Yahoo!, Google
    Yahoo! Tests Google AgainBack in July we noticed Yahoo! was testing Google-powered search results. From that post...When Yahoo! recently renewed their search deal with Microsoft, Yahoo! was once again allowed to sell their own desktop search ads &…
    - 20 Oct 15, 9:27pm -
  • Virtual Real Estate Virtually Disappears
    Back in 2009 Google executives were scared of not being able to retain talent with stock options after Google's stock price cratered with the rest of the market & Google's ad revenue growth rate slid to zero. That led them to reprice employee stock o…
    - 21 Aug 15, 7:33am -

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