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  • Surprise things travel insurers don’t cover
    Travellers with asthma or high blood pressure, women who are pregnant by IVF or people going on a cruise holiday may find themselves left high and dry by travel insurers who don’t automatically cover them.
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  • Book your cruise during ‘wave season’
    The best time to book a cheap cruise deal is now, according to an expert – and you’re unlikely to find better deals at other times of the year.
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  • Ambulance’s amazing $15k transformation
    They had no trade skills, but between them, a young French couple have managed to transform an old St John Ambulance into fully-equipped travel wagon.
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  • Big change to how we dine on a flight
    Cramped seats and noisy plane cabins might be what economy passengers are used to right now, but the future of air travel could look very different.
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  • Passenger barred over ‘revealing’ top
    A woman said she was initially denied entry for her United Airlines flight because her outfit was “too revealing”.
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  • Coronavirus forces airline to stop flights
    United Airlines is suspending some of its flights to China as coronavirus fears have led to a “decline in demand for travel” to the country.
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  • Australia’s new China travel warning
    The Federal Government has updated its travel advice for China, warning all Australians should now reconsider their need to travel to the country.
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  • Boeing Dreamliner’s safety ‘scary’
    A Boeing whistleblower claims none of the aircraft that left the company’s North Charleston factory are airworthy.
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  • Jetstar launches fly for free sale
    If the end of the school holidays has you dreaming of your next adventure as a family – this new deal to Bali will have you reaching for your passport in seconds.
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  • Aussie red rock that rivals Uluru
    The Hungarian parliament, a music hall in the UK and a German castle that’s believed to have inspired Disney movies have been named some of the “alternative” must-visit landmarks around the world.
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