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  • Three Jetstar passengers ‘referred’ to cops
    NSW Health has blasted airline staff for breaching protocols that saw passengers disembark a flight from Melbourne to Sydney without undergoing proper health screening for coronavirus symptoms.
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  • Huge blow to US in passport ranking
    The European Union’s recent ban on US travellers has left the American passport with about as much power as passports from less developed nations, a new report has found.
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  • Major virus breach at Sydney Airport
    Passengers flying from Melbourne to Sydney on a Jetstar flight on Tuesday night were able to get off the plane without undergoing a health screen for symptoms of coronavirus.
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  • PM warning on international travel
    Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned Australian residents overseas to brace for reduced flights amid the growing number of COVID-19 cases being brought back into the country from returned travellers.
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  • Trapped tourist’s 100 days stuck in airport
    A tourist has told how he spent more than 100 days trapped inside an airport in the Philippines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Dad first to be arrested in border crossing
    A Victorian dad has been arrested after allegedly attempting to cross the NSW-Victoria border earlier today.
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  • Shocking impact of ‘birdstrike’ on plane
    A US passenger jet has been forced to divert and land after it reported a problem with its navigation equipment, with photos revealing the horrifying scale of the damage.
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  • Grim reality of flying into Aussie airport
    As the deadline for NSW residents to return to their home state or face 14 days of forced quarantine passes, Sydney Airport looks more like a medical centre as passengers fly in from Melbourne.
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  • New border splits Victoria in two
    A hard border will split metropolitan Victoria from regional areas as the state seeks to limit the spread of the virus outbreak.
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  • 700 Victorian travellers turned away
    More than 700 travellers from Victoria have been refused entry into Queensland since tough new border restrictions were enforced on Friday.
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