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  • Sachin swarmed by fans
    Cricket: Indian cricket fans have swarmed Sachin Tendulkar at his apartment, wishing him a happy birthday.
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  • Lava Lake at Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Overflows
    Lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano spilled over the banks of the summit lava lake overnight on April 22, according to the USGS’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO). Lava could be seen spilling onto the floor of the Halemaumau Crater in photograph…
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  • Footage released of Vic armed robbery
    April 25, 2018. Supplied video obtained Wednesday, April 25, 2018 released by Victoria Police showing a man wearing a blue welding glove and a white cloth over his face as he threatened a shop attendant with a knife in central Victoria. The man enter…
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  • Super Netball 2018: What you need to know
    DELAYED by the Comonwealth Games, season two of Suncorp Super Netball is set to be a blinder with the same eight teams competing but multiple new faces, line-ups and venues.
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  • Veterans set to march in SA
    Streets are closed and spectators of all ages are gathering ahead of the annual Anzac Day march in Adelaide.
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  • Prince Charles to honour diggers in France
    Two weeks ago Catherine Gant was shaking hands with Prince Charles in Brisbane, now she is one of more than 7000 people who will see him honour Australians who fought and died in France in World War I.
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  • Thousands gather for Brisbane Anzac march
    The skies have cleared as thousands gather in Brisbane to watch a march through the city as part of Anzac Day commemorations.
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  • Rat of Tobruk honours mates killed in sand
    Carved in cursive writing on the back of the violin he took to war are the names of Bob Semple's gun crew.
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  • Film review: Last Flag Flying
    April 25, 2018. Three men who haven’t seen each other since they fought alongside in Vietnam are brought together again by the tragedy of a new war in a far-off-land, and despite their reluctance, they have to confront the truths of their pain. And…
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  • Beijing’s stealthy barb aimed at Trump
    INVISIBILITY cloaks?
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  • nieuwBernie Sanders Will Propose Jobs Guarantee
    Bernie Sanders is working on a plan that would allow the federal government to guarantee a $15-per-hour job, plus healthcare benefits, to every worker in the US "who wants or needs one," per an early draft of the proposal obtained by the Washington P…
    - 1 hour ago 25 Apr 18, 1:20am -
  • nieuwMeek Mill Walks Free
    Pennsylvania's highest court on Tuesday ordered a judge to free rapper Meek Mill on bail while he appeals decade-old gun and drug convictions, following a five-month campaign by his supporters to get him out. The Supreme Court directed a Philadelphia…
    - 2 hours ago 25 Apr 18, 12:48am -
  • nieuwProsecutors: Tourist Lynched in Amazon Had Bought a Pistol
    The Canadian man lynched in the Amazon last Thursday is the No. 1 suspect in the death of an octogenarian shaman, prosecutors say. Reuters reports on the new evidence that brought them to that conclusion: a silver-colored pistol prosecutor Ricardo Ji…
    - 2 hours ago 25 Apr 18, 12:40am -
  • nieuw13 Semis Line Up on Freeway to Shorten Fall of Suicidal Man
    When Michigan State Police learned of a man threatening to jump from a highway overpass early Tuesday, they came up with a novel way to help him. They shut down all lanes of I-696 in Oak Park around the overpass, in both directions, and called in 13…
    - 2 hours ago 25 Apr 18, 12:03am -
  • nieuwSchoolhouse Rock Legend Dead at 94
    A musician whose songs helped teach children on ABC's Schoolhouse Rock has died. His son, Chris, says 94-year-old Bob Dorough died of natural causes Monday at his home in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, the AP reports. According to his biography, the jaz…
    - 3 hours ago 24 Apr 18, 11:18pm -
  • nieuwTrump's Dandruff Move at Macron Presser Getting Attention
    One of the moments getting the most attention from President Trump's press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron Tuesday had to do with ... dandruff. "We have a very special relationship, in fact I'll get that little piece of dandruff off,…
    - 4 hours ago 24 Apr 18, 10:51pm -
  • nieuwAfter 619-Point Plunge, Dow Ends Day Down 424
    Stocks are closing sharply lower on Wall Street as big technology and industrial companies take heavy losses, the AP reports. Market favorites including Alphabet and Amazon dropped Tuesday, and heavy equipment maker Caterpillar sank 6.2% after warnin…
    - 4 hours ago 24 Apr 18, 10:08pm -
  • nieuwAmazon Just Revealed Its Median Annual Pay. It's Low
    Amazon is an odd company—it's "often compared to Silicon Valley tech giants," as the Wall Street Journal puts it, but tech is just one part of its business. Retail, logistics, and transportation are the other parts, and that explains why the median…
    - 5 hours ago 24 Apr 18, 9:55pm -
  • nieuwIntriguing Mummy Discovery May Be Tricky Problem for Iran
    A construction worker in Tehran has unearthed a mummified body at a former royal mausoleum, and its discovery could pose a tricky problem for the nation's rulers. The hot speculation is that the remains are that of Reza Shah Pahlavi, seen by many as…
    - 5 hours ago 24 Apr 18, 9:24pm -

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The Foreigner Noorwegen

  • Norway’s construction industry and the climate
    Norway is one country pushing towards climate-friendly buildings. Affected by the oil price dip and as a signatory to the Paris Agreement, its buildings of the future will be even greener.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 26 Oct 17, 2:19pm -
  • News about The Foreigner
    The Foreigner is discontinuing publishing news about Norway.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 31 May 17, 5:20pm -
  • Russia, Norway, and social science
    Norway and Russia's shared border has led to many shared interests explored by Norwegian scientists.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 30 May 17, 1:20pm -
  • Denmark refugee legislation criticised
    Family reunification rules, social welfare levels, and racist hate speech prevalence are worthy of censure, according to the latest ECRI report.To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 23 May 17, 11:14pm -
  • London Sinfonietta performs contemporary Norwegian music
    Norwegian composers Eivind Buene and Rolf Wallin will have works premiered by the ensemble.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 23 May 17, 2:40am -
  • 17th May 2017 in Stavanger
    This year marks 203 years of Norway’s constitution.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 18 May 17, 2:22pm -
  • Europe visual arts and freedom of expression seminar in Oslo
    The Norwegian capital’s National Museum and the Oslo Freedom Forum will hold the ‘Take Liberty’ event at the National Gallery.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 16 May 17, 2:28pm -
  • Sweden minority language education unsatisfactory
    Three key areas need improving despite efforts to promote efforts to promote the five national minority languages, the Council of Europe says.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 15 May 17, 2:02pm -
  • Norway royals mark their 80 birthdays
    The two-day celebration kicked off on Tuesday, with guests arriving from all over Europe.    To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 11 May 17, 11:50am -
  • Norway man finds medieval coin from London
    The roughly 700-year-old silver coin was discovered on Lathari Beach in Northern Norway’s Alta municipality.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 10 May 17, 12:56am -

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