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  • nieuw'Malware VS op Russisch elektriciteitsnet'
    De Amerikaanse overheid heeft het Russische elektriciteitsnet en andere Russische doelwitten geïnfecteerd met malware.
    - 17 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 9:37am -
  • nieuw'Samsung Galaxy Fold nog niet in juli verkrijgbaar'
    We moeten nog even wachten tot Samsung zijn Galaxy Fold op de markt brengt. Volgens het bedrijf zal de opvouwbare telefoon in ieder geval niet in juli verschijnen.
    - 18 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 8:48am -
  • EU: Russen verspreidden desinformatie bij verkiezingen
    Voorafgaande aan de Europese verkiezingen hebben Russen desinformatie verspreid met het doel om politieke voorkeuren te beïnvloeden en de opkomst laag te houden. Dat stelt de Europese Commissie.
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 4:30pm -
  • Overstappen van iPhone naar Android - deel 1
    Rutger gebruikt al sinds de iPhone te koop is in Nederland de smartphone van Apple. Deze maand gaat hij de overstap proberen naar Android. Deel 1: waar moet ik rekening mee houden?
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 2:53pm -
  • Getest: deze dashcam filmt op de weg, maar ook in de auto
    Deze week heeft David een dashcam getest, zo'n cameraatje waarmee je ongelukken op de weg kan filmen. Deze heeft wat unieks: extra camera's die je inplugt voor beelden vanuit de achterruit, of binnenin de auto.
    - 2 days ago 14 Jun 19, 4:48pm -
  • Druk neemt toe: 'Waar blijft de betaalbare iPhone?'
    Smartphones worden duurder, maar mensen laten de toptoestellen steeds vaker links liggen. Waar de meeste fabrikanten een breed aanbod hebben, blijft het wachten op een passend antwoord van Apple. En wie heeft de meeste indruk gemaakt op gamebeurs E3?…
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 2:26pm -
  • Nieuwe Chrome meldt sites niet dat je incognito bent
    De nieuwe Chrome-versie gaat niet meer aan websites doorgeven of je gebruikmaakt van de incognitomodus. Dat maakt het makkelijker om betaalmuren te omzeilen.
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 1:58pm -
  • Slimme rolgordijnen Ikea verschijnen in augustus
    De slimme gemotoriseerde rolgordijnen van Ikea, waarvan de introductie eerder dit jaar werd uitgesteld, zijn vanaf augustus verkrijgbaar.
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 12:27pm -
  • 'Visa en Booking.com doen mee aan Facebook-munt'
    Facebook is er in geslaagd een aantal grote partijen te strikken voor de cryptomunt die het bedrijf volgende week wil presenteren. Onder meer Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Booking.com, Uber en Stripe doen mee.
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 11:30am -
  • Tesla gaat YouTube toevoegen aan touchscreen in auto
    Binnenkort hebben Tesla-bezitters ook de beschikking over YouTube kijken op hun in-car touchscreen. Lekker met de voetjes op het dashboard video's kijken.
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 10:45am -

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Coolest Gadgets

  • Best Wireless Keyboard [2019]
    The overall best wireless keyboard is the [amazon link="B07DJYXTVR" title="Logitech G613" /]. Macro-programmable keys, mechanical switches and great battery life was what put it on the top of our list. If you are looking for a compact keyboard we rec…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 4:55pm -
  • Best Tactical Watch [2019]
    The [amazon link="B001DCEKXM" title="Suunto Core" /] is the best tactical watch. It's extremely durable and offers all the features you'd need, such as a storm alert and a barometer. If you want a watch you can really rely on, this is you best bet.S…
    - 5 days ago 11 Jun 19, 7:50pm -
  • Best RFID Wallet [2019]
    After looking at dozens of RFID wallets, the [amazon link="B07BN8RFT6" title="Armour Supply Co. RFID Wallet" /] is our clear winner. You'll get lifetime warranty and useful extra tools for a more than fair price.Source
    - 7 days ago 10 Jun 19, 2:22pm -
  • Best 360 Camera [2019]
    The [amazon link="B07GXBYYWN" title="Insta360 One X" /] offers amazing video and image quality for a great price. On top of that it's packed with extra features that will make using it a lot more fun than any other 360 cam.Source
    - 7 days ago 9 Jun 19, 5:14pm -
  • Best Portable Air Conditioner [2019]
    The [amazon link="B01DLPUWL2" title="Black & Decker 8,000 BTU" /] is quiet, lightweight, inexpensive and very well made. If you want to cool down a room of up to 450 sq. ft., we highly recommend this one over the others we've looked at.Source
    - 11 days ago 6 Jun 19, 10:34am -
  • Best Emergency Radio [2019]
    After looking at countless emergency radios, the [amazon link="B00HSHH5DI" title="American Red Cross Emergency Radio" /] is the overall best buy. Solar panels, a charging handle and a huge 2600 mAh battery make it a radio you can rely on in extreme s…
    - 12 days ago 4 Jun 19, 6:48pm -
  • Best Beard Trimmer [2019]
    The [amazon link="B0199RDFA6" title="Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer with Vacuum" /] won our comparison thanks to its fair price, excellent cutting features and the incredibly handy vacuum. You'll never want to use a different trimmer again.Source
    - 15 days ago 2 Jun 19, 12:46am -
  • Best Laptop Cooling Pad [2019]
    The 5 fans of the [amazon link="B01469DJLM" title="Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5" /] will drop your laptops internal temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, while still maintaining a tolerable noise level of only 54db.Source
    - 17 days ago 30 May 19, 11:14pm -
  • Best Earbuds With Mic [2019]
    The [amazon link="B00X9KV0HU" title="Bose QuietComfort 20" /] sound amazing, are very comfortable to wear and their noise cancelling is excellent. For the price you won't find anything that comes close to these earbuds.Source
    - 19 days ago 28 May 19, 3:35pm -
  • Best GPS Tracker For Kids [2019]
    The [amazon link="B07CWFBM5S" title="Jiobit GPS Tracker" /] is easily our overall winner. It is slightly more expensive, but it's kidSAFE approved and COPPA certified and therefore the only option that we would rely on when tracking your kid for its…
    - 20 days ago 27 May 19, 10:57pm -



  • nieuwWill smartphones ever take the place of professional cameras?
    The Huawei P30 Pro phone is creating a stir among mobile photography enthusiasts. But what would members of one of the oldest camera clubs in the UK make of the […]The post Will smartphones ever take the place of professional cameras? appeared fir…
    - 17 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 10:00am -
  • NASA makes Star Trek joke after finding ‘dune footprint’ on Mars
    NASA scientists tweeted a Star Trek joke after a photo was captured of a “dune footprint” on the surface of Mars that looks similar to the Starfleet insignia from the […]The post NASA makes Star Trek joke after finding ‘dune footprint’ on…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 4:56pm -
  • Huawei accused of pushing Booking.com ads to phone lockscreens
    Huawei phone users have complained of being served ads for travel company Booking.com as the main image on their device’s homescreen before unlocking. The images appear to have been added […]The post Huawei accused of pushing Booking.com ads to…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 3:23pm -
  • Concerns over Google Translate gaffe amid Hong Kong clashes
    Google appears to have resolved an unfortunate gaffe with its online translation service which incorrectly translated “I am sad to see Hong Kong become part of China” as “I am […]The post Concerns over Google Translate gaffe amid Hong Kong c…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 3:22pm -
  • Through ExamSnap to a Career of Microsoft Solutions Architect
    Are you planning to become a solutions architect one of these days? Lucky you, you’re on the right page! In this article, you will gain important insights on how to […]The post Through ExamSnap to a Career of Microsoft Solutions Architect appear…
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 2:04pm -
  • London Tech Week hosts Jet Suit Race over London
      This looks like a lot of fun. London Tech Week, Europe’s largest festival of technology and innovation, has just hosted the UK’s first live multi-pilot Jet Suit race demonstration […]The post London Tech Week hosts Jet Suit Race over London…
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 1:33pm -
  • Huawei Mate X foldable phone launch delayed until September
    Huawei is to delay the launch of its first foldable smartphone, the Mate X, saying it wants to test the device further after rival Samsung suffered issues with its own […]The post Huawei Mate X foldable phone launch delayed until September appeare…
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 10:45am -
  • Review: Buy Car Parts app
    Smartphone technology is revolutionising every aspect of our lives. How we travel, where we eat, how we spend our leisure time – even how we buy car parts and maintain […]The post Review: Buy Car Parts app appeared first on Tech Digest.Related…
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 10:07am -
  • O2 confirms 5G network launch will be ‘this year’
    O2 will be the last of the big networks to launch 5G in the UK, chief executive Mark Evans has said, as the mobile operator announced new billing options for […]The post O2 confirms 5G network launch will be ‘this year’ appeared first on Tech…
    - 3 days ago 13 Jun 19, 11:01pm -
  • Fault hits Vodafone’s mobile data and broadband
    Vodafone is working to fix a fault which has affected some customers’ access to its mobile data and broadband services. Users across the UK and Ireland took to Twitter to […]The post Fault hits Vodafone’s mobile data and broadband appeared fir…
    - 3 days ago 13 Jun 19, 4:32pm -


Design Your Way

  • nieuwAdobe XD tutorials: The best ones for UI/UX designers
    Adobe XD tutorials are very helpful for designers who want to work in UI or UX or just want to get better at their craft.  Adobe XD was created in 2016 and provides designers with a helpful toolkit for prototype creations. Adobe XD makes an incredib…
    - 16 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 11:00am -
  • Bright colorful logos showcase: Awesome logos to inspire you
    If you’re looking to rebrand, you may be interested in creating a colorful logo. Colorful logos enable a brand to attract attention, making it easily recognizable. This helps viewers to identify a logo. This article will look at reasons to use colo…
    - 2 days ago 15 Jun 19, 10:11am -
  • 20 Amazing App Websites And What Makes Them That Way
    Web Designers: There’s some good news and some bad news. First, the good news. There’s a growing need for app presentation websites. These need to promote and sell hundreds of new apps being launched on a daily basis. The more apps that are launc…
    - 5 days ago 12 Jun 19, 11:00am -
  • The Adidas logo: What makes it so special
    The Adidas logo is known throughout the world.  However, Adidas has not always been an international brand.  The company started out as a small shoemaking label in Germany.  Today they are known internationally as one of the leading sportswear bra…
    - 6 days ago 11 Jun 19, 11:00am -
  • Adobe XD vs Sketch: Which one to choose and why
    If you are a web or UI designer, you may be weighing up the value of Adobe XD vs Sketch.  Certainly, you know of these two apps.  Sketch is familiar to designers, having been around since 2010, while Adobe is a newer app. Deciding whether to work w…
    - 7 days ago 10 Jun 19, 11:00am -
  • SlideTeam.net Review: World’s Largest PowerPoint Templates Provider & A Premier Research and Design Agency
    PowerPoint is a ubiquitous and highly user-friendly platform. Millions of presentations are created daily across the globe using this simple but powerful software. Yet, over the years the platform has received flak for bad presentations (read Death b…
    - 12 days ago 5 Jun 19, 11:00am -
  • How to get an online web design certificate
    Get a web design certificate may seem unnecessary, but the reality is that the fact that you can demonstrate that you are skilled for this task can result in an amazing long-term benefit. Currently, almost any company or organization requires using e…
    - 12 days ago 4 Jun 19, 4:14pm -
  • 9 graphic design trends to finish off 2019
    Graphic design trends come and go. Some designers like to follow them and others not so much. When designing for clients who appreciate the trends, then you should know what they are so you can give them what they want. From three dimensional typogra…
    - 19 days ago 29 May 19, 6:49am -
  • UX designer interview questions you’d better know the answer to
    Wouldn’t you like to go into your job interview knowing exactly which UX designer interview questions you will be asked? After all, knowing the questions would give you more time to prepare for them!  What if you already had some great answers? …
    - 26 days ago 22 May 19, 11:00am -
  • Great school website design: 51 Academic websites
    School website design seems easy, right? Then why are there so many school websites that look absolutely ugly and impractical? It’s not just commercial businesses that need effective websites, but also educational institutions such as universities,…
    - 27 days ago 21 May 19, 11:00am -

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Droid Life

  • DEAL: Samsung Galaxy Buds are $99.99 at Verizon ($30 Off)
    The last minute audio deal that would make for the perfect Father’s Day gift has arrived. Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds are down to $99.99 at Verizon, a $30 discount. At $30 off, you get really good true wireless earbuds with AKG tuning and 6 hour ba…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 5:21pm -
  • Poll: What’s Your Favorite Google Phone?
    A month ago, we ran a poll asking for you to share what your least favorite Google phone of all time was. The answers varied, thanks to plenty of hit-or-miss years from Google, but now it’s time to flip to the positive side. We want to know what yo…
    - 2 days ago 14 Jun 19, 9:27pm -
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit Activity Tracker Now Available for $99
    Samsung introduced its new Galaxy wearable lineup in February of this year, and this week, the company has finally made its new Galaxy Fit activity tracker available in the US for $99. The Fit is capable of tracking up to 90 exercises with auto detec…
    - 2 days ago 14 Jun 19, 7:34pm -
  • Huawei Delays Foldable Mate X to ‘Improve Folding Screen’
    Huawei is delaying the launch of its own foldable phone, the Mate X, to help improve the quality of the folding screen. This development comes after Samsung delayed launch of its own Galaxy Fold to do the same thing. According to Huawei, launch will…
    - 2 days ago 14 Jun 19, 6:10pm -
  • Pixel 4 Caught on Camera With That Unmistakable Camera Box
    Google did its best to get out in front of Pixel 4 leaks, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to flow out into the open. For example, today, we’ve now got pictures of the phone being used in the wild by someone. Great! In these photos, w…
    - 2 days ago 14 Jun 19, 5:52pm -
  • Podcast: And Google Just Tweeted It Out
    On this episode of the Droid Life Show, you know we are talking about the Google Pixel 4. After a couple of rough leaks, Google decided to get out in front of the story this year and straight up revealed their next phone. After talking Pixel 4 and ev…
    - 2 days ago 14 Jun 19, 3:07pm -
  • DEAL: All Unlocked Galaxy S10 Models are $300 Off at Best Buy
    The US unlocked versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family are all discounted by $300 today at Best Buy. That drops starting prices for a Galaxy S10e to as low as $449, the regular Galaxy S10 to $599, and the Galaxy S10+ to $699. What’s the catch? B…
    - 2 days ago 14 Jun 19, 3:00pm -
  • YouTube TV Subscribers Get Free SHOWTIME for the Summer
    YouTube TV just surprised its customers with a free Showtime offer for the summer. The offer showed up in inboxes this evening and says that it’s available to those who are a “longtime friend of YouTube TV.” That could mean that not all custome…
    - 3 days ago 14 Jun 19, 1:30am -
  • Report: Updated Mobvoi TicWatch Pro to Feature Verizon 4G LTE
    According to a screenshot captured from a since removed page on Mobvoi’s website, the wearable company has another watch on its roadmap, a Wear OS-powered smartwatch that features 4G LTE connectivity from Verizon. Having LTE on your smartwatch can…
    - 3 days ago 13 Jun 19, 8:39pm -
  • The Pretty Pixel 4 Renders are Here
    Google took away any suspense over the design of the back of the Pixel 4 by posting official imagery of it yesterday. The front, though, that’s something we have not seen. But if the latest in rumors are accurate, concept designers with actual skil…
    - 3 days ago 13 Jun 19, 8:20pm -

Digital Trends

The Verge

GSM Arena

  • nieuwTop 10 trending phones of week 24
    Nokia 2.2's unlikely reign in our trending chart ended quality with another freshly announced phone replacing it at the top. The Xiaomi Mi 9T has a lot going for it so it's no wonder it got the attention of most of you this week.With all the ch…
    - 4 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 11:00pm -
  • nieuwWeekly poll part 2: the best mainstream flagship of H12019
    Flagships have gotten very, very expensive - they smashed through mental price barriers and didn't even slow down. So, you really have to ask yourself if the final few bells and whistles are worth it or if the vanilla version of the flagship is all y…
    - 8 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 7:00pm -
  • nieuwWeek 24 in review: Huawei's OS to come in the fall, we meet the dual-camera Pixel 4
    Another week in which Huawei dominated headlines, this time because of its HongMeng OS, which is being tested on 1 million devices already. The final version is said to be coming in October, but the Mate 30 won't be running it.The other big stor…
    - 12 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 3:00pm -
  • nieuwWeekly poll part 1: the best premium and 5G flagships of 2019 so far
    Half of 2019 is over and it's time to reflect on the amazing flagships we've seen so far - and pick the best one! We're splitting this into two parts, starting with the premium models, the best of the best.We've split off the 5G phones into their…
    - 16 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 11:00am -
  • nieuwCounterclockwise: the rise of Gorilla Glass and how it changed the phone industry
    Back in 2007 a certain CEO got annoyed that the screen of his prototype phone got scratched up in his pocket. So, mere weeks before unveiling it, he decided to swap the plastic cover of the screen for chemically-strengthened glass.Plastic was the…
    - 20 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 7:00am -
  • nieuwWeekly poll results: iPadOS loved, iOS 13 splits opinions
    The improvements brought by iOS 13 are welcomed by many, last week's poll shows. Sure, Android users are feeling ahead of the curve on some of those features, but keep in mind this update will land on the iPhone 6s which will be four years old at tha…
    - 24 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 3:00am -
  • Realme 4 retail box pictured
    It's been just a little over three months since the launch of Realme 3, but it seems the company is planning to launch its successor soon as an alleged retail box of the Realme 4 appeared in a YouTube video.The box that we are looking at has the…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 11:00pm -
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro to come with a 90Hz display as renders surface
    Early specs of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro surfaced last month including the 6.71-inch AMOLED display. And, according to the information coming out of China, this screen will have a refresh rate of 90Hz - like the OnePlus 7 Pro.Meanwhile alleged rende…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 8:30pm -
  • OnePlus 6/6T get Android Q Developer Preview 2
    OnePlus recently rolled out the Android Pie-based OxygenOS Open Beta updates for the OnePlus 6 and 6T which came with Digital Wellbeing, Fnatic Mode, and June 2019 security patch. Now, OnePlus has released the second developer preview of Android Q fo…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 6:00pm -
  • GSMArena.com turns 19, happy birthday to us!
    What a beautiful day, let's all have some cake! We are turning 19 years old today and we are proud to share this moment with you. In the past 12 months we managed to launch an official Instagram account and an official Android application, which…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 3:00pm -


  • nieuwGalaxy Fold not coming next month contrary to rumors
    The foldable phone saga continues with no end in sight just yet. Just when things seemed going well towards a new release for the Galaxy Fold, AT&T cancelled pre-orders and telling customers that they can order again once Samsung finally announces a…
    - 53 mins ago 17 Jun 19, 1:50am -
  • nieuw2020 BMW X3 M and X4 M Competition First Drive: SUVs evolved
    A 503-horsepower crossover seems a little absurd when you think about it. After all, how quickly does one really need to get to Starbucks? However, the all-new 2020 BMW X3 M Competition and X4 M Competition are not your ordinary caffeine-bound crosso…
    - 4 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 11:00pm -
  • nieuw2020 Lamborghini Huracan EVO First Drive: A reminder of what matters
    Supercar top speed is a boring number. There, I said it. Of all the metrics to judge a performance vehicle by, none get quite so much attention as just how fast it will go, and none have so little relevance in everyday life as the biggest digit the s…
    - 8 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 6:36pm -
  • nieuwWalmart launches $98 annual subscription for grocery deliveries
    The grocery delivery market is heating up and that’s good news for consumers. Days after Target launched same-day deliveries for online purchases in most of the United States, Walmart has expanded its own alternative to include a new $98 annual sub…
    - 11 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 4:11pm -
  • nieuwAmazon’s ‘The Tick’ series is officially dead, won’t find new home
    In 2016, Amazon released the first episode in an original series called The Tick, the character’s first arrival on television since the previous FOX series launched in 2001. The show received a full first season and earned fairly high ratings from…
    - 12 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 2:35pm -
  • nieuwExperts warn sleep trackers may fuel anxiety, decrease sleep quality
    Many activity trackers and smartwatches now offer sleep-tracking features designed to monitor one’s overall sleep quality, among other things. These devices are arguably useful for getting an overall picture of one’s sleep habits, but researchers…
    - 14 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 12:55pm -
  • nieuwThinkGeek’s website will shut down next month, but don’t panic
    ThinkGeek, the online destination with a vast catalog of nerdy and otherwise unique items, will close its website next month, the company has announced. The products aren’t disappearing, but will instead be made available under parent company GameS…
    - 15 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 11:15am -
  • nieuwThe race for the gaming subscription crown: What it means for gamers
    This year’s E3 signaled a shift in the coming years of gaming. The event wasn’t just about video games, but how we would get hold of them. It seems every publisher and their dog wants to implement a subscription service for video games – a Netf…
    - 16 hours ago 16 Jun 19, 10:13am -
  • Verizon Total Mobile Protection price will increase on June 27
    Verizon offers a coverage plan for smartphones called Total Mobile Protection, something that originally cost $11 per month before a past price increase bumped it to $13 per month. The wireless carrier has announced plans to once again increase the r…
    - 1 day ago 15 Jun 19, 4:05pm -
  • Apex Legends starts penalizing players who quit matches early
    In early April, news surfaced that Respawn would start penalizing players who left a match early. The quit penalty has been requested by players since the battle royale game’s launch, the idea being that a single team member who quits the game can…
    - 2 days ago 15 Jun 19, 2:27pm -

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