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Daily Telegraph Australia

  • nieuwRUSH HOUR: The stories you need to know today
    A MAN who admitted to having sex with a dolphin named Dolly over a one-year period says he was seduced by the aquatic animal.
    - 1 hour ago 1 Feb 15, 11:53pm -
  • nieuwSuper Bowl XLIX: Live Coverage
    JOIN us for our live coverage of Super Bowl XLIX, between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots.
    - 2 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 11:31pm -
  • nieuwPM dumps $20b PPL in fight of his life
    TONY Abbott has taken his signature $20b paid parental leave scheme off the table as cabinet colleagues now concede the PM’s leadership could be beyond recovery.
    - 2 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 11:13pm -
  • nieuwDjokovic triumphs in bizarre final
    NOVAK Djokovic has overcome mystery illness, a court invasion and Andy Murray’s stubbornness to seal Australian Open history after a bizarre final.
    - 3 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 10:27pm -
  • nieuwDjokovic stars in centre court melodrama
    BEFORE the Australian Open men’s final there was a bizarre piece of performance art that seemed more an attempt to justify the exorbitant ticket prices than entertain those who paid them.
    - 3 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 9:48pm -
  • nieuwBuzz: NFL star ‘Tha Monstar’ eyes NRL
    JESSE Williams, the Aussie NFL star, has not ruled out doing the opposite to Jarryd Hayne and having a crack one day at the NRL.
    - 10 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 2:58pm -
  • nieuwWill Abbott’s wipeout hurt Baird?
    LUKE Foley and his colleagues are hoping that Tony Abbott survives until the March 28 state election, while senior NSW Liberals want leadership change.
    - 11 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 2:00pm -
  • nieuwRail workers forced back on track
    TRANSPORT Minister Gladys Berejiklian has slashed the number of maintenance depots from 130 to 12 to ensure workers spend their time fixing the tracks.
    - 11 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 2:00pm -
  • nieuwNines casualty ward: Four Eels go down
    THE Eels limped out of the Auckland Nines with four players — including star halfback Chris Sandow — under injury clouds. FULL CASUALTY WARD
    - 11 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 2:00pm -
  • nieuwLabor poised to win QLD election
    LABOR leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has stopped short of claiming victory in QLD, but she is on the brink of becoming the next Premier.
    - 16 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 9:23am -


CBS News - Strange News






    • nieuwRemains of Man in Lotus Position Discovered
      Mummified remains were found in Mongolia this week, and there's something remarkable about them. "The mummified body sits in a lotus position, as if still meditating," says a report in Mongolia's Morning News cited by the Siberian Times , which repo…
      - 55 mins ago 2 Feb 15, 12:15am -
    • nieuwWhy 'Death Cafes' Have Gone Global
      People around the world are meeting in groups and talking about death—over tea and cakes, no less. Created by Swiss sociologist Bernard Crettaz, so-called "death cafes" are designed to give people a positive atmosphere in which to discuss all matt…
      - 2 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 11:40pm -
    • nieuwWoman Born Without Womb Has Twins
      A London woman born with no womb has undergone a near-miraculous medical process and given birth to healthy twin girls, the Telegraph reports. Hayley Haynes, 28, was devastated at 19 to learn she had no Fallopian tubes, ovaries, or womb, thanks to a…
      - 2 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 11:00pm -
    • nieuwVatican Probes Own Child-Porn Cases
      The Vatican investigated two cases of child pornography possession in the past year, officials said yesterday. The chief prosecutor of the Vatican city state's criminal tribunal, Gian Piero Milano, cited the two cases in a speech summarizing the tri…
      - 3 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 10:14pm -
    • nieuwOffice Inserting Chips in Workers' Skin
      Some Swedish workers can now enter their building without a key and make purchases at the office cafe sans card—with a chip implanted in their hand, the BBC reports. Epicenter, a new Swedish office block, is offering employees a miniscule RFID (ra…
      - 3 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 9:45pm -
    • nieuwGuy Hit With Shocking Toll Bill
      A Washington state man received a wee shock when he saw his outstanding toll-bridge bill: more than $18,000. His dad, Tom Rose, says the young man was working his first job and crossing the 520 bridge daily without a Good to Go pass—figuring he'd…
      - 4 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 9:10pm -
    • nieuwWoman Calls Cop: Hi, Want to Buy My Drugs?
      Police say a woman selling drugs made a big mistake that landed her in jail—she mistakenly called an Albuquerque police detective. KOB-TV reports that 30-year-old Renea Lucero was arrested last week when she called the detective at his department-…
      - 4 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 8:41pm -
    • nieuwScott Walker: Open to 'Boots on Ground' Against ISIS
      Scott Walker thinks the United States should "aggressively ... take the fight to ISIS and any other radical Islamic terrorist in and around the world," says the Wisconsin governor, who the AP notes is enjoying a bit of 2016 buzz lately. Questioned b…
      - 5 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 8:10pm -
    • nieuwSuper Bowl Security Hits Even Katy Perry's Outfit
      Security is so tight at the University of Phoenix Stadium that even the costume Katy Perry is planning to wear during tonight's half-time show has been checked. "Katy Perry's stage came in last night," a customs and border protection official tells…
      - 6 hours ago 1 Feb 15, 7:27pm -

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