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Daily Telegraph Australia

  • nieuwMaids embroiled in Bali man’s slaying
    TWO housemaids working for Robert and Noor Ellis in Bali have been detained as suspects in Mr Ellis’ execution-style murder, as more disturbing details about the case emerged.
    - 33 mins ago 22 Oct 14, 1:37pm -
  • nieuwAir fright: Aussie pilots detained
    TWO Australian pilots are being questioned after they were forced to land their small plane at an Indonesian air strip surrounded by snipers and armed soldiers.
    - 1 hour ago 22 Oct 14, 1:07pm -
  • nieuwLIVE: Johnson gets big breakthrough
    MITCHELL Johnson picks up his second wicket after a century partnership got Pakistan back into the first Test in Dubai. Follow it live!
    - 1 hour ago 22 Oct 14, 1:00pm -
  • nieuwSharks target Wanderer after sacking Noyce
    THE man responsible for the Western Sydney Wanderers has emerged as a possible target to replace sacked Cronulla Sharks CEO Steve Noyce.
    - 1 hour ago 22 Oct 14, 12:42pm -
  • nieuwSurprise praise for ‘no annoying kids’ cafe
    A NSW cafe has received overwhelming praise from customers and readers after posting a Facebook note saying, ‘No, we are not child friendly’.
    - 5 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 8:47am -
  • nieuwNATO intercepts Russian jets
    RUSSIAN jets have been intercepted over the Baltic Sea, as Sweden continues its search for a foreign submarine believed to be lying damaged in the waters off Stockholm.
    - 6 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 7:49am -
  • nieuwMan had suspicious package in pants
    A 27-YEAR-OLD man will face Darwin Magistrates Court after a bag of methamphetamine was found in his jocks.
    - 8 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 6:05am -
  • nieuw‘Australia is not prepared for Ebola’
    TOP bureaucrats have given wildly differing accounts of Australia’s readiness to mobilise in the event of an Ebola outbreak in our region. The question is: why?
    - 8 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 5:52am -
  • nieuwJail for driver who killed unborn baby
    JACQUELINE Sparks, who was left infertile, said outside court she was content with the sentence handed down to the drug-driver who killed her unborn child and her infertile.
    - 12 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 2:32am -
  • nieuwMum who lost baby and her future
    DRUG-AFFECTED Marco Silvestri, 42, was handed six years’ jail today for causing a crash on the Princes Highway in Dapto which killed the unborn baby of Jacqueline Sparks, pictured with her partner Chi, who was also left infertile.
    - 12 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 2:32am -


CBS News - Strange News






    • nieuwSweden: We'll Force Mystery Sub to Surface
      Sweden is continuing to scour its waters for a foreign vessel suspected to be a Russian submarine and says that if it has to, it will use weapons to force it to the surface. The main point of the operation, which is now in its sixth day, "is to send…
      - 2 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 12:23pm -
    • nieuwGoodfellas Actor : Simpsons Owes Me $250M
      The actor best known for playing mobster Frankie Carbone in Goodfellas says The Simpsons modeled a minor character on him—but Fox can settle accounts for a mere $250 million. A lawsuit from Frank Sivero alleges that Simpsons writers were living ne…
      - 2 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 11:54am -
    • nieuw'Radicalized' Canadian Runs Down 2 Soldiers
      Canada's first ISIS casualty? A man described by authorities as a "radicalized" convert to Islam and possible recruit to the militant group ran down two soldiers in Quebec on Monday, killing one. Martin Couture-Rouleau, 25, who had apparently waited…
      - 3 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 10:58am -
    • nieuwCartel Boss Busted During Texas Shopping Trip
      Juan Francisco Saenz-Tamez was ruthless enough to become chief of Mexico's Gulf cartel at the age of 23—but apparently not smart enough to avoid visiting the US, even after a federal jury indicted him on three drug and money-laundering counts. Sae…
      - 4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 10:22am -
    • nieuwRNC Co-Chair: Wisconsin Voters Not That Sharp
      With polls showing the Wisconsin governor's race in a dead heat, Republican National Committee co-chair Sharon Day picked a pretty bad time to imply that some of the state's voters are stupid. While speaking of the need to support GOP incumbent Scot…
      - 4 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 9:42am -
    • nieuwToys R Us: Breaking Bad Dolls on 'Sabbatical'
      Bad news for Breaking Bad fans: Toys R Us has decided to pull a range of dolls based on the series—which came complete with bags of meth and cash—after a petition started by a Florida mom gained more than 9,000 signatures. The retailer tells the…
      - 5 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 9:09am -
    • nieuwISIS: We Have US-Dropped Supplies
      Has the US accidentally armed ISIS militants? Military authorities say they're investigating a video that appears to show militants rifling through grenades and other items from a supply drop intended for Kurdish fighters defending Kobani, reports t…
      - 6 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 8:04am -
    • nieuw4 Dead Infants Found in Storage Locker
      Employees who opened what U-Haul says was a "delinquent storage locker" at a Winnipeg facility made a horrifying find: the bodies of four babies in various stages of decomposition. Police are investigating what sources tell the CBC was a "gruesome"…
      - 7 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 7:22am -
    • nieuwGiants Trounce Royals 7-1 in Series Opener
      Madison Bumgarner, who shows virtually no emotion on the mound, got the San Francisco Giants off to a terrific start in Game 1. Given an early cushion by Hunter Pence's home run, the man called MadBum by his teammates carried a shutout into the seve…
      - 7 hours ago 22 Oct 14, 7:15am -

    Unique Daily

    Dumbass Daily

    • Video: Red Neck Couch Moving
      These guys may just have invented something new. And no, it doesn't end how you think. I'm not sure how, but it doesn't.
      - 2 days ago 20 Oct 14, 6:37pm -
    • Video: SAUSAGE SAMBA
      Star Trek: The Next Generation of . . . wieners? Have you ever seen a stranger video in your life?
      - 2 days ago 20 Oct 14, 1:48pm -
    • Video: Key & Peele - Text Message Confusion (Uncensored Version )
      Communicating via text message isn't as always as clear as we'd like it to be.From the YouTube description:Keegan and Jordan misunderstand the tone of each other's text messages while trying to make plans.
      - 9 days ago 13 Oct 14, 8:30pm -
    • Video: Girl is trying too hard to take a selfie for a whole minute
      Apparently, there's an art to taking a good selfie. But who knew it would take this long to get it right? Video below, but more on the story first from Stuff:It's hard to know which is sillier: a girl spending minutes taking the perfect selfie, or…
      - 9 days ago 13 Oct 14, 5:25pm -
    • Video: Key & Peele - Alien Imposters
      From Comedy Central's "Key and Peele" show.How can you tell the aliens from real humans? Racism, of course.
      - 28 days ago 24 Sep 14, 2:33pm -
    • Video: Legalization of Marijuana: Alaska News Reporter Quits Live on Air TV - Charlo Greene Quits
      Kind of hard to keep reporting on a story when YOUR the story. Here's more on this video from ADN:Reporter Charlo Greene quit on-air during KTVA-TV's 10 p.m. newscast Sunday, revealing herself as the owner of the medical marijuana business Alaska C…
      - 29 days ago 23 Sep 14, 1:25pm -
    • Video: Boat crashes into land while water skiing
      Want to shoot video of your buddy water skiing? Cool, but best to keep your eyes on where you're going too.Dumbass.Probably could have been a lot worse.  Your parents insurance will cover it, right?
      - 32 days ago 20 Sep 14, 10:11pm -
    • Video Fail Compilation: Break's Best Fails for September 13, 2014
      Ever wonder why health care in the United States costs so much?I present, Exhibit A:
      - 34 days ago 18 Sep 14, 6:10pm -
    • Video: F-Bike Take-off With Dummy
      Screw your hoverboard! I'm getting me a hover BIKE!No, really, watch the video. About all I know is it's called the F-Bike.  Second video without the bike and dummy below the first.Here's more from YouTube desciption:Test flight before profess…
      - 34 days ago 18 Sep 14, 1:20pm -
    • Video: 10 Movie Myths People Actually Believe
      I admit, I believe most of this stuff as well. Stupid movies!Here's more from the YouTube description:Fireballs in space and exploding cosmonauts may look pretty cool on the silver screen, but they'd never happen in real life. Discover the truth…
      - 34 days ago 18 Sep 14, 1:08pm -


    • Video: Strange and Dangerous Japanese Sport
      Not sure what this “sport” is called in Japan, but it looks like someone’s going to end up in the emergency room afterwards. The real fun starts about 1:20 in, so fast forward if you can’t wait.Read more →The post Video: Strange and Dan…
      - 15 days ago 7 Oct 14, 1:02pm -
    • Video: Wallkill Mighty Mites Crash Into Banner
      How hard is it to run onto the football field and crash through a paper banner? Apparently, harder than you think . . . especially if your 6-7 years old. Here’s more from the YouTube description: After our first home…Read more →The post Vid…
      - 28 days ago 24 Sep 14, 2:25pm -
    • Video: Man Breaks All His Golf Clubs
      How mad would you need to be to break all your golf clubs? Pretty mad. Let’s just hope they were HIS clubs. Here’s more from the YouTube description: Thanks to reader Tom who sent this in. Hat tip to Bryce…Read more →The post Video: Man B…
      - 29 days ago 23 Sep 14, 1:31pm -
    • Video from TMZ: Baltimore Orioles Mascot — PUNCHED IN THE NUTS … Mascot Fights Back
      Why do people think they can do just about anything to a mascot and get away with it? Case in point, the Baltimore Orioles Mascot. Here’s more from TMZ (watch video at the link.) Another ferocious assault involving a Baltimore superstar…Read…
      - 30 days ago 22 Sep 14, 12:41pm -
    • TMZ – Jonathan Dwyer Arrest — TWO SEPARATE INCIDENTS … ‘Causing a Fracture’
      According to our friends at TMZ, another NFL football player has been involved in a domestic violence incident. This time it’s Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer. Here’s more from the TMZ story: Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan…
      - 34 days ago 18 Sep 14, 2:23am -

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