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  • nieuwFilthy rich leaving everyone behind
    NEW data shows that income for the highest earners in society is growing almost six times faster than middle Australia despite higher taxes.
    - 2 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 2:00pm -
  • nieuwA touch of Australia on all airlines
    FROM ear buds and amenity kits to kids’ packs and pjs. Meet the Australian company that has become the darling of the aviation industry.
    - 2 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 2:00pm -
  • nieuwNurses in footsteps of Anzac Girls
    MODERN day ‘Anzac Girls’ gather in Greece to honour and mark 100 years since the first Anzac nursing contingent arrived to treat war wounded.
    - 2 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 2:00pm -
  • nieuwUnion warns train strikes to continue
    UPDATE: More than 100 train staff members are marching towards Flinders Street Station in Melbourne as the strike continues.
    - 6 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 10:01am -
  • nieuwLow Aussie dollar doesn’t worry Joe
    ONGOING global economic worries have pushed the Australian dollar to a fresh six year low — but Joe Hockey isn’t too worried.
    - 7 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 9:51am -
  • nieuwNuclear power ‘doesn’t make sense’
    CARBON-FREE energy is often held up as one of the benefits of nuclear power, but building a plant in Australia doesn’t add up.
    - 7 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 9:40am -
  • nieuwDoing time won’t save your citizenship
    CONVICTED terrorists with dual citizenship could be stripped of their Australian passports for retrospective crimes, even if they have served their time in jail.
    - 10 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 6:53am -
  • nieuwThe 64 workers Australia needs
    LOOKING for a new job or a big career break? Australians are snubbing these roles across a variety of workplaces, creating a national shortage.
    - 10 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 6:14am -
  • nieuwThe stories you need to know today
    A FATHER’S Day joke that went bad for this Aussie company is proof that comedy is best left to the comedians.
    - 13 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 3:16am -

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  • nieuwUnemployment Hits 7-Year Low
    Hiring was relatively weak in August, but the 173,000 jobs added by US employers were enough to bring the nation's unemployment rate down to its lowest level in seven years, reports AP . The Labor Department said today the rate dropped from 5.3% to…
    - 2 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 2:53pm -
  • nieuwHere's How Close Chinese Warships Came to Our Coast
    Chinese warships weren't just exploring international waters when they ventured close to Alaska on Tuesday. The five ships came within 12 nautical miles of the coast, the Pentagon says, meaning they penetrated US territorial waters, reports the Wall…
    - 2 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 2:50pm -
  • nieuwKentucky Clerk Willing to Stay in Jail for Months
    County clerk Kim Davis has no plans to try to get herself out of jail anytime soon. Her husband says she's in good spirits after her first night behind bars and won't quit as Rowan County clerk in Kentucky, reports the Courier-Journal , which frames…
    - 2 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 2:49pm -
  • nieuw'Significant' Video Surfaces in Illinois Cop Killing
    Police in Illinois needed a breakthrough in the hunt for the killers of Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz , and it looks like they have one. Investigators say they have "significant" video from a home security system believed to show the three suspects…
    - 2 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 2:23pm -
  • nieuwAfter DWI Arrest, Texas Student Drives Barbie Jeep
    When Texas State University industrial engineering junior Tara Monroe had her license suspended last March for refusing to take a breathalyzer test upon leaving a Waka Flocka concert, her father drove to San Marcos and swapped her car for a bike. Bu…
    - 2 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 2:02pm -
  • nieuwAnonymous Death Notice Mourns Drowned Aylan
    Tucked in among the death notices and obituaries for locals in the Sydney Morning Herald today is a one posted anonymously for Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey. "You did not deserve to drown in the coldness o…
    - 3 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 1:52pm -
  • nieuw11-Year-Old Kills Teen, 16, Under Murky Circumstances
    An 11-year-old boy fatally shot a 16-year-old in the head in North St. Louis County yesterday in what police say was a home invasion, though neighbors believe it was cold-blooded murder. According to police, the teen entered an unlocked home after t…
    - 3 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 1:36pm -
  • nieuwNYPD: Your Desk Won't Save You From a Shooter
    Most mass shootings happen in the workplace and most of them are over before police get there, according to the New York City Police Department, so workers need to know how to react. The NYPD held a training session for members of the media yesterda…
    - 3 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 1:15pm -
  • nieuwTrump Guard Takes Protester's Sign, Hits Him
    As Donald Trump pledged his loyalty to his own party inside Trump Tower yesterday, things got a little ugly outside. Police were called after Trump security guards scuffled with anti-Trump protesters on the sidewalk outside the New York City tower,…
    - 4 hours ago 4 Sep 15, 12:22pm -

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The Foreigner Noorwegen

  • Eni-Coast Authority Arctic oil spill deal greenwashing, environmentalists say
    Italian energy company Eni and Norway’s Coastal Administration agree to share emergency response resources in Northern Norway. Greenpeace has no time for PR piffle.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 9 days ago 26 Aug 15, 2:48pm -
  • British Airways increases Norway routes
    Stavanger gets two new services that franchise partner SUN-AIR is flying on behalf of the UK airline.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 10 days ago 25 Aug 15, 12:18pm -
  • Norwegians eye Arctic exhibition park
    Svalbard could get its own ‘Jurassic Park’, showcasing fossils found in the archipelago.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 11 days ago 24 Aug 15, 12:46pm -
  • UN: Norway racist, Islamphobic trends links need further research
    The UNHCR’s Elimination of Racial Discrimination Committee has concluded considering Norway’s reports on implementing the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination Convention.To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 14 days ago 21 Aug 15, 12:57pm -
  • Exploring Nansen’s humanitarianism
    Uncover the multifaceted life of Norway’s Fridtjof Nansen in a new book on the world-famous voyager.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 15 days ago 20 Aug 15, 12:15pm -
  • Welfare Minister’s immigrant statements problematic, researcher says
    Robert Eriksson states the number of immigrants on welfare is too high and wants to address the issue. Statistics Norway (SSB) forecasts a rising population and chiefly falling immigrant numbers.   To view the rest of this article, click here.…
    - 16 days ago 19 Aug 15, 1:29pm -
  • Improved immigrant training programmes
    Norway’s Rightist bipartite coalition is to modify current schemes.To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 17 days ago 18 Aug 15, 11:28pm -
  • Norwegians in 2015: what do they do?
    Do we shower or bathe, are we rich, as equal as we claim to be, and do we read papers or not? Statistics Norway (SSB) has the answers.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 17 days ago 18 Aug 15, 2:42pm -
  • Authorities lop the Lupine
    They are easily visible along the roads and loved by many. But colorful lupines do not impress Norway’s Environment Agency.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 18 days ago 17 Aug 15, 2:33pm -
  • Will the next UNSG be a Norwegian female?
    All eight United Nations Secretary-Generals so far have been men. Two Norwegian leaders have the potential to be the first female head.   To view the rest of this article, click here.
    - 21 days ago 14 Aug 15, 12:16pm -

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